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Steam Powered Gatling Gun

This one started life as a belt-fed foam dart gun. I did a bit of body customizing (for me anyways!) and I hope it gave the gun a more realistic look.

This was a more reserved project due to the budget, but I hope you guys still approve :)

Brian Johnson
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1894x3415px 3.58 MB
Shutter Speed
1/60 second
Focal Length
35 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 21, 2012, 6:34:15 PM
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thats a nice CS6 longshot behind it too, looking like a steampunk pulse rifle, i never figured out how to modify the single shot pump action attachment under the barrel

here's an idea, get a Rey star wars force awakens blaster, remove the grip, turn it upside down and add it under the barrel of an existing rifle ( such as a rayven with a barrel attachment or stryfe ) so you end up with a 4 shot pump action launcher attachment, yes?
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That would be a very cool setup! I'll try to keep it in mind!
C-A-TaLYsT's avatar
the air zone punisher....
Squidward Semi Sexy Wonders 
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it wasn't easy, haha.  It's actually a pretty cool design, I just wish it had a more blocky design without all the rounded parts.  It could look so much better! :)
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you are awesome at making and painting well done 
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this is awesome! Looks like weapon from a fallout or something
What's that scope on the Longshot? I see it everywhere but haven't been able to track down where it comes from!
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Amazing. I love the paint job. Makes it seem very - combat-worn and heavy duty.
Reminds me of Gears of War!
I am Heavy Weapons Guy...
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I think I have the right weapons for you...hehe
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You never cease to amaze me, and this is no exception. Well done, well done indeed!
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Thank you for that :) I'll keep trying to impress! hehe
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This is an excellent shot of some amazing work...
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looks like it would be lighter than the traditional minigun. and with rounds as big as would fit in those barrels, certainly more deadly. =D
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Indeed. You would not want to one-hand this monster :)
That's just awesome.
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what kind a paints do u use? is it all sprayed?
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Base coats were black and some copper on the gatling gun. The rest is brushwork..lots of brushwork for me, haha. No airbrush yet, but that will be here eventually :)
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So u do a lot of dry brushing? it looks very refined
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oh sweet lord yes. I'd say about 2000+ hours of that kinda stuff :)
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Yeah, spraying is too heavy sometimes. I use a sponge sometimes to dry dab over raised spots to grain it up.
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... Just. So. cool. I love your weapons so much!
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