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Mr. Frosty - Custom Nerf Longshot Photo 2

The alternate photo which I like a lot better.. the other photo is here:

The blue parts glow under black light and in the dark after charging under a light!

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3333x2114px 4.88 MB
Shutter Speed
1/320 second
Focal Length
18 mm
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Date Taken
Oct 2, 2012, 2:28:29 PM
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pale's avatar
A question nobody seems to have asked. That's the standard Longshot barrel extension I see but not the standard grip underneat. Looks great. How did you achieve that? Is it a salvaged part from something else?
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
I used a bandsaw to cut off that section with the bipod mounting points.  I then added pieces from my back stock of parts that looked appropriate :)   Glad you like how it came out!
theKrypt's avatar
tell me how to make one
C-A-TaLYsT's avatar
Need mag tut.Llama Emoji 35 (Desire or Want Something) [V2] 
AlexFrost-Head's avatar
As we share the same nickname.... I approve :) 
Seriously, looks awesome.
Woona-tic's avatar
Is that curved clip functional (Holds and fires darts)?
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
It does, but it's limited to 6 rounds
Woona-tic's avatar
How did you do that and where can I get one? ^^;
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
We make them in-house and they're for the commission pieces only, unfortunately.  Because they're each made by hand the cost to sell them individually would be beyond most people's rationalization :)   You can always give it a try yourself or with the help of a handy woodworker! 
Woona-tic's avatar

Would you have or be able-to provide me with the schematics/plans for one of these?

So I know how to do it right ^^;

Rose-Eclipse's avatar
Yes so cool too there not a way to change the stock though but very cool.
alienfetusinc's avatar
i wish they would stop using g36s in futuristic movies and use your guns lol
Blackwoodforest's avatar
Tigadee's avatar
You, sir, are a God amongst Nerf painters!! You are an inspiration, master!
SIERRA-116's avatar
I think it would look better without the barrel.
makuta99's avatar
Just saw this and thinking the Longshot reciever would do good for one of those fully-auto Vladof sniper-rifles... Barrel from another would do better though...
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
I will look into that! I'm hoping to do one up in a borderlands style soon :)
savagehenry89's avatar
Looks cool dude. Where did you get the long clip/mag from, or is it custom made?
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
That was custom made with my Dad. He's getting into this prop stuff, which I think is really cool. Then I can boss him around a bit...hehe
savagehenry89's avatar
I could never get away with that with my dad lol.
sexysora99's avatar
AMAZING, good work my friend love the metal effect :) wish i was that good
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
It's in you to do better than I can, you just have to strive to get there. I'm probably at 3000 hours of practice over the past few years. A lot of that is mistakes but I don't tend to show those off. hehe I do learn from the "mistakes" and sometimes find new techniques because I did something incorrectly. It's all good fun regardless, just start with really cheap toys and mess those up. Move to the nice stuff when you feel like you're ready. Good luck it :)
sexysora99's avatar
thanks for the advice, will use it :)
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
let me know how it goes! :)
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