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Mr. Frosty - Custom Nerf Longshot

First photo of the finished "glowing" Longshot. It has phosphorescent paint in the blue areas and really glows like crazy under black light, but also after charging under a light source. It was meant to look a bit future-tactical and hopefully I pulled it off :)

Here's an alternate photo :…


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1646x3183px 2.91 MB
Shutter Speed
1/100 second
Focal Length
21 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 1, 2012, 2:36:12 PM
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Is this available to buy if so could u comment price and say whether delivery is availablr
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i think in white it'll be nice in plain white
Brushketo's avatar
i think it will look good with a drum magazine everything looks good with drum magazines like border lands but yeah
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digging the blue. maybe not on the magazine but elsewhere definitely
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wow man, that is excellent!!! Love everything about it.
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Thanks! I hope you'll check out the other photo I posted, I think it's a better shot :)
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I def will. Your technique and color combinations are top notch.
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very nice, the style reminds me of borderlands
soulmankicks's avatar
now that makes guy wanna pick up nerf gun again much respect
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These never cease to amaze me. O_O
Sin-Nombre-RPG's avatar
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That's a mean piece of wetware, my man. Outstanding work!
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you shoud submit this to
BrowncoatMando's avatar
that's the meanest looking NERF gun I've ever seen.
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Mmmm, schmexy. Looks great, very intimidating.
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thanks buddy, I'm glad it ultimately looks "tough" I didn't know if the blue parts would take away from this, but I think they worked in pretty well(and had to be there regardless, hehe.)
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I agree, it could have gone either way with the blue, but the shade of Slate you used contrasted against the dark keeps it 'manly' and gives those areas the look of blue steel. The banana clip seals the deal, though, great use of it.

Still deciding if I like that one overhanging lip on the back of the barrel extension... it hardens the whole thing up and gives it an exagerated look, but it also makes the piece look less integrated and a tad more Nerf-Gun-y. That said, I can't think of an easy way to fix it, and I really don't know if it would have to be fixed at all... like I said, it's already a really intimidating rifle and part of the reason is the hard-edged exageration given by the overhang. I'll check back here in a few days and see how I feel. Cuz, y'know, that's what matters most. :p
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Haha, I agree :) I always appreciate you taking the time to give input. You da man!
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