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October 15, 2012
Mobster Dieselpunk Tommy Gun Prop by *JohnsonArms
Featured by FrockTarts
Suggested by DragonflyAndromeda
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Mobster Dieselpunk Tommy Gun Prop

I'm very honored to have this piece featured on dA. Thanks to ladies who made that happen :))

ok, back to the regular description, hehe

Here's a pretty straight-forward prop, but it really seems to work as a alternate-past tommygun. I painted for the crew at a local body shop (they help prep the guns so they're as durable as possible.) I like how the stock came out considering I drew all the grain in by hand..that usually looks crap in my eyes. I hope they have a good time with it!

I will say that I want to call this Mobster Punk, but that's probably already a thing and I'm too lazy to google it! :)

Thank you for taking an interest in something I find fun. It's appreciated more than you all realize. I also survive off commissions, so email me at if have a project you think I could make look purdy :)

Brian Johnson
Johnson Arms Replicas and Props

Feel free to contact me regarding commissions here:
My Website and Blog:
Check out all the progress and hoo-ha on Facebook:
Lots of videos and tutorials here:
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Oct 2, 2012, 4:09:31 PM
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MASCH-ART's avatar
super draw and model:) (Smile):) (Smile)
lupinelover's avatar
in the wooden part of the gun did you use real wood?
MechanicalMichael's avatar
omg I love it its soo awesome 
CitizenXCreation's avatar
Can anyone explain to me the difference between steampunk & dieselpunk?
DJSkyRunner's avatar
Well the biggest differences are the era, diesel punk is very 20s-50s while steampunk is mid 1800s to 19teens, it's steam powered vs diesel powered engines.
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Diesel Punk is darker metal, kinda oily looking sometimes. Much more of a WWII German weapon feel to them in my opinion. Steampunk tends to be brighter metals and a lot of gold tones. They're generally fanciful and look rather delicate
JackFreed's avatar
its like a ppsh 41 and a mg36
This weapons look like it come from the slum of a hive city in warhammer 40k. Its very well made.
soupcan13's avatar
fantastic man...its awesome watching your style and abilities grow weekly! keep it up!
deathbyskyrim's avatar
Sorry to rain on the parade, but what the F is the point of that humongous muzzle... thing? I was gonna say flash hider, but honestly IDK what it is or what it's for.
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
I think you just broke the internet!
deathbyskyrim's avatar
whaaa? :ohnoes: nooooooo!!! We cannot break the interwebs!
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
I hope you are pleased with yourself, sir! lol
deathbyskyrim's avatar
hahaha :lol: okay but seriously, what is the big cone thing on the end of the gun?
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Just a decorative flash supressor so it doesn't look overly realistic if someone saw it from just the front. This was a repaint, otherwise I would have made a different front end. The buzzbee designers would have to explain for the style :)
deathbyskyrim's avatar
OOHHHHHH a repaint! Well why didn't ya say so?! Ahhhh i feel stupid now. :x I thought you built it yourself. Actually for a repaint of a toy gun this is really cool! :lol:

Hell, it's really cool, repaint or otherwise!

Thanks for re-activating my brain for me :)
Zeltharian's avatar
Very nice mod on a tommy 20. There is a tommy 20 under there right? x3
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
exactly right! Good eye ;)
TheGreatWarrior's avatar
((Reminds me of the one in Bioshock: Infinite.))
NatalieTheAntihero's avatar
Wow, this is such a badass gun! :iconbadassplz:
jay-man666's avatar
wow, this is really great, reminds me of something from Bioshock!
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