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Mass Effect Inspired Nerf Rayven

Here's the Rayven that I've been playing with here recently. I did some subtle changes to the body for a kinda Seburo MN23 look.

I then decided to make into what you see here - I added a recon barrel with custom forward grip (it's rail mounted so it can slide right off if needed.)

It's not quite done and the configuration may change a bit. It's available if anyone has interest in purchasing it. Thanks!

Brian Johnson
Johnson Arms Replicas and Props

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Jan 1, 4501, 12:00:00 AM
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NickMaster64's avatar
now thats a gun id like to take to a nerf war :3
RifleTwoFour's avatar
This is an awesome prop!!!
C-A-TaLYsT's avatar
that looks like a DMR from halo4. 

La la la la 
Tigadee's avatar
That is one sexy beast, that is!
CountAdolfo's avatar
you did a really good job with this
perfectionsflaw's avatar
Your artwork is just fucking beautiful man, I love all these guns.
Erbear159's avatar
So does the recon barrel just attach to the raven or did you have to jury-rig it on?
MyGoditsFullofPonies's avatar
I wish the Rayven didn't lose so much range when you use barrel extensions

It looks so good with them
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
You just have to overpower it to push through that extra friction! :) It does pretty good with a bump to around 12v
MyGoditsFullofPonies's avatar
I've been looking into how to modify mine like that
KingMakerCustoms's avatar
Rail-mounded Hornet Reset Bar as a foregrip. THAT is a brilliant use of parts. Great lookin' piece, I can totally see the Seburo influence.
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
It's always good to keep a parts bin, you showed me that :). I figured if someone ends up wanting it Seburo themed I could replace the decals on it.
Uratz-Studios's avatar
Take my wallet please. So u make custom guns too, not just paint them.
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
I sure do. I've got a number of them here on deviant art, some are minor modifications and then some are pretty complicated. It just depends on what the person is looking for, generally.
Uratz-Studios's avatar
What about a Nerf long Shot converted to a Halo 4 railgun?
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
I've done a number of those and they come out looking awesome. They're just a bit pricey and the LS have become harder to get in their complete form.
Uratz-Studios's avatar
do u take apart the nerf guns and paint them?
IssacAkutenshi's avatar
Well thats one use for a Hornet top selector handle thing I suppose. ^.^
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Can you find another? lol
IssacAkutenshi's avatar
Selecting the barrel for the Hornet? ;P
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
haha, no, just a better use for that useless part! :) I have 4 more hornets with nothing to do with em!
cybermech's avatar
roughly how much would uit be finished with some weathering?
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
If you want, feel free to shoot me a direct message if you have any pricing questions, thanks!
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