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M41A Pulse Rifle Inspired Nerf Stampede 2/2

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Here's the end results of a collaboration with Christopher Glas Studios ( I think it was a great job for a scratch-build and basically a prototype. I'mm probably fool with the paint some more, but this is basically 99% done :)

It still functions and has a shortened 18rd (now effectively 8-10 rds) mag.

The counter shows a static round count. I'm trying to find a smoke colored clear plastic to put over the counter because I think that makes the numbers show better in daylight

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3258x1918px 3.66 MB
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1/60 second
Focal Length
37 mm
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Jun 22, 2012, 5:54:30 PM
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How can I get one?
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Wow! That looks fantastic!
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You're welcome, Now... Question, " You ready to kill some bugs?"
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Game over, man! GAME OVER!!
SirAroricWolfheart's avatar
" Marines don't give up! OORAH. DIE YOU FUCK'IN BUGS!" lol
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Game over man, game over!!
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I managed to run out of quotes apparently, lol!
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Haha, it's all good bro. There aren't that many kick ass quote, only kickass marines ya know?
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I want one, mainly so I can do my Hudson impressions, but mainly cause it looks like it came outta the book of basass.
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Daaaaaaaamn this is rad as hell! I love it! xD
Beautiful work.

Can i ask what you used for the grenade launcher? Is it an airsoft shotgun or something similar?
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It was a SPAS airsoft that was used.  Thank you very much!
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Wow! Looks exactly like it :D
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You secure that shit, Hudson!  

 Er, I mean "thank you very much", bud!  lol
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If I didn;t say it before, then I'll say it here: This is just awesome!
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I don't mind if you say it twice! hehe.  Thanks!
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god damn xenomorphs get off my lawn!
nice work dude!
WOW !!! I need one!!!
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Shut up and take all my money you sexy man! Coming from a nerfer and aliens fan: That is the work of a god!
thats just fucking epic good job
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Stay frosty and check your corners, this is brilliant! God, I wish I could do something like this.
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