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Johnson Arms Space Blasterv2.0

One of my favorite squirt guns. There's just so much detail on these things, I'm always amazed. Done in a steel patina with brass accents.

Here's one I did back in September of last year ;) [link]


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Also, feel free to check out what I currently have offered in my Etsy store. If you don't see something listed, I can get it for ya! :) [link]
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Image size
2770x1974px 3.21 MB
Shutter Speed
1/40 second
Focal Length
64 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 19, 2011, 9:06:59 PM
Sensor Size
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That is so cool! To convert a regular water pistol into a laser blaster! :-)
I have a technical special-effects question about this space blaster. The special-effects for this blaster is when it's fired, would it shoot, energy bolts like in Star Wars, an energy burst my dear Battle Star Galactica, pulsating energy rings might in old comic books, or a consistent energy being like in Star Trek? I hope you can answer this question.
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Space squirt. :D
Treybacca's avatar
Absolutely my favorite water gun you've ever done by far. Is this going to be a regular piece in your store? Cus I think I would have to get my hands on one. What are the dimensions of it?
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Thank you very much! I think I will, I sold out of them last fall and have not had them since. I think I like them the best, but since they were not available I had to go with other styles. I'm going to get a ton of these if I can :)
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looks amazing! is the tube looking piece the same color as the body? Personally I would've accented that and drawn it out with a bronze. All in all still a marvelous piece (I know I'm being a it critiquing here, I don't know why today.... sorry!)
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Haha, I appreciate all input, you know this! :) I will be doing one where I'll try to literally every tiny detail I have in my noggin...if I do make it, there's no way anyone would pay what it will cost me in time, hehe.
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I'm thinking me and my friends may just have to make a trip to get some nerf guns now... any reccomendations besides the Maverick? Because that one for sure is on my list.
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I suggest the Spectre at walmart only. It has a supressor and a folding stock with a cool revolver ;)
sarum158's avatar
no nerfs at walmarts in my location :(
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
blah! How can that be? they pay for a lot of space in most stores
sarum158's avatar
I'm in Canada. Nuff said. They got lots o super soakers.
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Haha! Just what you need, ay?
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Yes this has the spirit of original Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon. Only credible of course with Brian´s painting. Even though I´m more into your Halo-solid-military-style stuff, it´s still awesome!
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It does have that look, doesn't it...should I pretend I did that intentionally, or should I fess up that I just liked the balanc of the colors? :)

Thanks and I'll have more military stuff soon, my word!
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Dude, this is so frikkin' cool.
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B-Loody hell! That is like, real and stuffs! Lol. I lost my ability to write lulz
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space death ray!! Awesome!
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Well if the world is ending tomorrow I def want this gun haha, you should try to do the freezeray from dr.horrible someone would be into that : )
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I love that idea. I will be here regardless of the Rapture, soooo...I better get after it, hehe! Glad you like it!
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