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HALO Nobel Medium AR Prop

Ok, this is the one from a week ago, but it's weathered and I decided to try out the totally non-functional magazine. Just for looks! :)


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Image size
3229x1923px 4.24 MB
Shutter Speed
1/40 second
Focal Length
41 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Sep 6, 2011, 6:28:04 PM
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How did you achieve the weathered look? I'm split between a metallic base-coat / flat main-coat sanded down for weathering and brushing on metallic 'weathering'.

Also, did you use a clear-coat seal? I imagine your paintjobs are just as smooth as the stock gun, haha.

Questions aside, commenting now, WELL DONE SIR. You have inspired me!
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Thanks Matt!  The weathering is generally done with layers, I try not to sand anything down unless I absolutely have to.  I consider it cheating a bit :)   What you see here is mostly light over dark paint, but beyond that it must remain a mystery, haha.  Check out drybrushing to get some ideas!

As for clearcoat, I definitely do.  It's the only thing to help protect the paint from sweat and oils in the skin.  Most of the pieces end up in some kind of display setting, but I do expect them to be handled so I do what I can to help the finish last a long time.

Thank you for the questions and comments and I hope you enjoy yourself here on dA, it's a great community of people on here!
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How did you do the Nobel team logo?
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I made it with vinyl. It's nice and crisp, just a little on the expensive side if you have to get it made at a sign shop :)
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so its a sticker?
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Does the mag still work?
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On this it did not, but we make curved magazines that hold 6 actual rounds and have the look of being a longer magazine - mainly for show, but it's cool to have people thing you found a way to bend 'em around a curve :)
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Eh, one day people will make 30 round clips.
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and then they will outlaw then in NYC. hehe
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Shut up and take my money!!
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Most of the parts here are stock! This is a really awesome gun. Love the asthetic appeal!
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That's the fun of it..maybe like a Munny doll, they're all the same, but man they look different painted in 10,000 ways :) Really glad you like it!
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Sneaky move you did there with the barrel (I was wondering if you modified the recon barrel.. but it was a longstrike :P) Great job!
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Haha, thanks! It was more of a situation where I had those two parts available to try out. I liked the results so I went ahead and finished it up. Glad you spotted the contributing parts! :)
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Halo and Nerf combined... can it get any better?
very nice!
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