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Custom Mass Effect-inspired Energy Pistol

Here's a custom painted toy gun that I felt had a very Mass Effect feel to it. The masking was a nightmare, but I hope you guys like how it came out :)

This one is available and may possibly end up on my ebay or Etsy stores if I get the energy to make a listing, hehe. If you're interested, feel free to shoot me an email at Thanks!

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Sep 21, 2013, 12:25:46 AM
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These weapons are really cool! I would like to ask a question about these weapons. It's about the effects when they are fired. Would they fire energy bolts, a burst of energy, or an energy beam? I hope you can answer my question.
ZxSuperChickenxZ's avatar
Well in the mass effect universe the weapons fire shavings of material inside the weapon, and envelope it inside a mass effect field generated by the Element zero. This allows the weapon to essentially require no reloads for a very long time and at best a century of use provided it is properly cared for. The material it uses for rounds is basically shaped scrap metal made by their minifacturing tools. In short, I might pay 10k plus dollars for a working weapon from mass effect. Absolutely awesome!
ghostintheafro's avatar
Highly impractical design because of those finger holes (imagine someone trying to fit their hand in those during a fight :P ) but the overall painting is magnificent. Decent work, mate!
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Thank you very much!
kman105's avatar
Nice work!  I just picked one up myself.  Any tips?  What kind of paint do you use?  Can or airbrush?
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
You'll need vinyl dye spray for the rubbery part.  I used rattle cans for this one, but the detail are all hand painted.  Glad you got one and I wish you luck!
gibrick's avatar
Very well done!
KevlarKatana's avatar
Great shading and painting! It looks like a GLOCK had a kid with a nail gun to create an amazing prop!
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Thank you!  It does have a bit of a mixture to it, doesn't it?  hehe
HerbertW's avatar
Love the wear around the grip. Well done!
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Thank you very much!  
jak88s's avatar
do you now the name of the toy or any info on were i can get one 

JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
It's the Battle-Kata made by Hasbro.  It is sold under their GI Joe license and I think they should still be available in stores like Toys R Us :)
jak88s's avatar
thanks man 
Tom-Lauten's avatar
Oh man....why don't they have cool toys like that in the UK?! I'd LOVE to have a go at one.
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Sorry to hear that, Tom!  I noticed they're not making them available to the UK or Australia.  Might be the hidden knife blade that is normally at the bottom of where you'd expect the magazine to be.   
HundredHands's avatar
Man, that came out so clean.  Love these props you're turning out, incredible stuff!  The cosplayers must be beating down your door!
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
They're in my garden and they've stomped the turnips flat!!  lol   I really appreciate the kind words and I hope with the year anniversary of your accident recovery that you're back to the marathons.   Awesome work as well on the knives, I have no doubt you're making Mr. Detloff proud.  My Dad's always been a sucker for cool Damascus steel knives and he gets a kick out of seeing your work as well :)

HundredHands's avatar
Hey thanks a ton for all the well wishes!  Sorry to hear about your turnips, but I can understand the mania.  Your work looks so believable and solid.  Are those pieces Heavy?  They look Super Heavy!  Keep up the great work!
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Very welcome!   

The weight of each piece really depends on what it's purpose is to be honest.  I will weigh down the props if there's room for led sinkers or whatever I have in the shop (also bits of rebar).  I'm glad that they look heavy regardless, that means I'm doing my job correctly with the paintwork :)

HundredHands's avatar
You're getting amazing results!
Keep up the great work!
IronSpark98's avatar
wow! im so... i mean wow! how did you do that?!!! i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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