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Current Nerf Projects 6-13-12

Last week the weather is really bad down here in Florida. It kept me from getting some good painting days, but I did get some rest which I think was much-needed :) I hope seeing these will bring you guys back soon to see how they finish up!

The Pulse Rifle/Nerf Stampede was built by Christopher Glas, check out his stuff here --->

Pulse Rifle Update!!

Brian Johnson
Johnson Arms Replicas and Props

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*sigh* Decisions decisions........
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
One of each! Lol Glad you like them! :)
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Amazing job here!
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Thanks!  Those were done back in 2012, but I still liked how they all looked in flat black :)
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Aah, they look so awesome! Fantastic how some black paint can make them so much cooler.
Maybe I'm gonna use this as inspiration for my own first-time-Nerf-mod.
very likee...
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That's neat stuff. Behold a pale horse, and he who rode upon him carried an M41A pulse rifle.
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So it has been foretold!  hehe  Thank you :)
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Used here! Thank You! [link]
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I like the stampede next to the Rayven. I wonder if you could take a Rayven and stick a stampede firing mechanism in it to make a halo style assault rifle?
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wow.. every one of these is awesome
were did you get the parts for the pulse rifle id love to start moding myelf
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lol i'm just imagining the cop's face when he opened the trunk!
I-Like-Cheeeeeeeeese's avatar
And these are modded boasters with increased range, at your disposal?!
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These have cosmetic modifications only, but power mods can be performed after I paint them. You just have to be careful with the body
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Wicked sick! You Sir is a Master of Weapons! Great work!
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awesome sauce yo! Great mods to the 2 stampedes, and love the way the recon barrel looks on the rayven!!
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Whoa, you're in florida too?
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
I sure am! My hidden lair is in Clearwater :)
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