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Horse by Johnson1414 Horse :iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 1 0 happy little fellow by Johnson1414 happy little fellow :iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 1 0 flower by Johnson1414 flower :iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 1 0
The golden man of my heart.
I can get lost in those eyes of yours
A big blue ocean that flows
Remarkably to the rhythm of your sorrows
Your mouth leaves ice cold
Particles that traces your desire
On my toxic filled tongue
When you left,
Dust replaced the emptiness
That once occupied
All the little spaces
I wander for your soul
Time after time,
And time again
When the trees can grow flowers
Like the ones you implanted in me..
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 0 0
violin skin
she plays her skin like a violin.
amed with a shiny metal bow.
she moves back and forth, tone deaf as death.
this music has no beauty to show.
passion is bled with no words said,
for this song is just instrumental.
and when the girl falls down without a sound,
she can't make it to the recital..
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 0 0
the battle you fight,
night after night.
the addiction you hold,
the words untold.
you want to ask for help, but they're all gone,
and you've waited too long, it's time to move on.
this place that's your hell,
you've been here so long, you forgot life outside this cell.
you're calling it home,
and going lone,
you say it's for the best,
but leaving out the rest.
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 1 0
Mature content
heartbroken.. :iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 0 0
you speak almost no words,
but your heart screams.
and somehow, I hear it.
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 0 0
Silly love.
(I) really love you.
I(think) about you more than I should.
(I'm) developing feelings for you.
but falling (in)
(love) with you is just another silly game.
although, (with) all these feelings, I can't think about anything other
than (you).
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 0 0
To his future GF..
before you take him from me,
please just if he's sad, don't make him coffee,
he likes tea and he won't tell you if he's uncomfortable
with something.
so try to ask him just to be sure - don't talk about his
ex... not me, I guess, now,
but his other one.
I don't think he ever really healed from what she did to him.
try not to badmouth me too much.
I know you probably will, particularly when drunk.
I know you'll go through my facebook pictures at least once,
but remember,
remember we have one thing in common :
the boy that we love.
before you take him from me,
before it is your name he calls out under those sheets,
please just do a better job making him feel whole,
because I wasn't enough,
you know?
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 0 0
Fuck it...
(she) closed her eyes,
and (thought) about what it would be like to die.
the yelling was a part of her (life).
the sadness just didn't seem to go away.
there was always a part of her that (would) lean towards the razor.
that part craved the feeling of what it would (be) like to be in control,
but the other part wouldn't let her.
it's like a constant battle with the mind.
she wished there was an (easier) way to control it all.
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 2 0
Self harm.
don't be frightened, come with me,
I'll numb your pain and your misery.
you've seen me before and I'm back again now,
you've hidden me for so long somehow.
I'm quite certain, I will spread,
more and more you've bled.
I'm more then an addiction, it's plain to see,
you're never going to get through your recovery.
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 1 0
I can't breathe...
I don't remember the last time I felt like I could breathe. There's a fucking hole in my chest where my lungs and heart should be. I have this constant feeling that I'm bursting into flames and then the wind storms in and scatters my ashes over and over. how is it possible I can feel everything and nothing at once? Am I dead inside or in love with the world? I don't know what to do or who I am. I don't know anything anymore. All I know is : I don't have much time left and I'm fading away. Why doesn't anyone notice I'm going insane? I'm not okay, nothing is okay. Everything is going wrong and I can't breathe. I can't breathe, I can't breathe...
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 2 0
And the fact that I want to jump,
says a lot about where I've been.
my thoughts no longer flow through,
like a stream but they are more like,
a tornado and they will not be still.
I think about the way a flowers -
color drains when it is,
starting to die and I can't help but,
compare that to the pale complexion,
that I have recently absorbed.
the past few days I have felt like,
I am swimming in lava, because -
anger is consuming all that I am and,
you just sit there and watch, I thought -
you and I were more then that.
a hummingbird's heart beats 1260 -
times per minute, that is 18 times,
more then a human's heart - I wonder if -
the hummingbird hates the rythm in its -
chest, as much as I do.
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 1 0
My love, my heart, my universe.
I worry (a lot)
when I think (of other girls)
about how they (shine)
sparkle and radiate beauty
and about how I could be (brighter)
(and) nothing hurts worse than thinking about
not being with (you), my love, my heart
because I know you (deserve the) best,
you are my (sun), moon and stars.
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 2 6
you are beautiful
yeah you
in everything you are
and everything you do
you mean a lot to me
yeah you
you make my life better
so much better, you have no clue
I love you
yeah you
for everything you are
and all the great things you do
the sun shines bright
but your smile shines brighter
everywhere you come
the sky turns a hue lighter
I love you
like really really love you
just the way you are
I wouldn't know what to do
if I wouldn't have you
just you...
:iconjohnson1414:Johnson1414 2 0


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“Always learn poems by heart. They have to become the marrow in your bones. Like fluoride in the water, they’ll make your soul impervious to the world’s soft decay.”
  • Listening to: Five Finger Death Punch
  • Reading: Harry Potter and some shitty schoolbooks
  • Watching: all kinds of shitty things
  • Playing: keyboard ( at least I try )
  • Eating: not much lately :(
  • Drinking: water
I'm sorry I don't post as much as I should. I'm pretty busy with school at the moment (final year yeey! :happybounce: ) . I wrote a few poems though, but unfortunate for you all, it's in Dutch. I can write the translation in the discription but this will take some time. Lately I've been busy with something new though. I write stories once in a while, just for the fun and the boredness :P, and I'm busy with a English story for the change. But because of school, it will take a while. if you're interested in my story I want to post it as soon as it is done, but I can understand that you don't want to see my crappy work and that you do want to see some poems. well, luckely for you, I'm on it, just need to find inspiration. once again my apologies for not being on so much lately. :(


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