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Mighty Avengers 34

By JohnRauch
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Drawn by Khoi Pham, colored by yours truly.
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great job on the colors
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beautiful work! :D you and khoi look amazing together!
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Thanks! This one is funny to me. What I first turned in was way more moody and they didn't say anything for a few months, so I tossed my working file and archived the tiff. Then they came back and said they wanted it much more colorful and needed it that day. So, it was a lot of work to "fix" it from the file I had, but in the end, I do think this version is better than the original, as much as it pains me to admit it.
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Great job w the glowing arms on Thor.
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Simply fantastic. Any plans on some more tutorials? :batman:
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If so, they'll probably be by video in the near future. I've been using livestream a lot.
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Possibly. I've been doing a lot of work in Livestream lately, so that's probably the best way to see what I do.
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Do you record any of them, John? Seems like you've been livestreaming while I'm at my day job and our firewall blocks access to it. :( I'd love to check out your approach to things.
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I did at first, but lately, I've just been leaving it on the entire time I work, so I haven't been recording much. I'll have to specify a time to record soon.
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That would be cool. Thanks!
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So cool! And i'm loving Quicksilver's new costume.
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