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Fear Agent sketch

Drawn by Tony Moore, colors by me. I hadn't used Painter in literaly years and only a couple times then, so I've been itching to give it a try again since my Cintiq came with Painter Essentials. It's always fun to flip things upside down now and then and try something out of the ordinary. Crits and comments are very appreciated.
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Your colorisation is very effective!! Nod 
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wow awesome!!!!!!
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this looks wonderful...i wish i had talent like this! My stuff stays colorless--i dont get how to color at all!!!
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Just keep working on it. I used to be pretty bad myself.
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colors are amazing great work -dg
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Thanks so much!
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yeah the octopus is so great! *fav
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Glad you like!
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I dig the colors. The tentacle really gets's a sickening color that just fits so well with the action. Great job with adding intensity with the red background.
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always liked tony moore but you actually made the piece look even better with those skills.on a side note i hope that sint his tongue sticking out cuz hes about to bite it off
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LOL, it is his tongue! Thanks!
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Wow man, fav!
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awesome love it mna..thanks
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Thanks very much!
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Great work. I think your colours look awesome.
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