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Fantastic Four 573

By JohnRauch
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Drawn by Alan Davis, colored by yours truly.
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really cool, i love it :-)
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tis cover always makes me smile=]
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Great cover!! Alan really did an awesome job with the acting, and your colors really compliment his style I think...Very nice.
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Wow, Alan Davis is GREAT with your colors!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
CeeCeeLuvins's avatar
Laura must be jealous that you got to work with Alan!!! :D
JohnRauch's avatar
Well, I'm sure she promptly got him back. From what I could tell, he didn't dig it at all.
CeeCeeLuvins's avatar
No he normally works with someone else, I can't remember who... but man, I think it's awesome!!! ;_;
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Oh, man, I am so jealous. I love Alan Davis' work. You compliment his art beautifully.
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Thank you! I'm pretty sure he didn't like my approach at all, but I had fun trying.
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Interesting....Did they, or he, say what he didn't like about it?
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Great colours laid down. :)

Realm of Burger Kings! I love this image, from Ben's expression and the kids' curiousity down to Johnny's flirting with the alien chick. Must've been a fun one to tackle.
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Thanks! It was.
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Wonderful color balance n control. The hues r confident n unsuppressed. Great job
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It's just anything that walks with Johnny isn't it?
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Whoa, Alan Davis is doing Fantastic Four again?! Is this old or coming out soon? I always loved his run on the 3rd series unfortunately it only lasted 3 issues. I would definitely pick this up. Great colors too!
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I think he just does covers, but I can't say for sure. It's not a book I pick up.
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Wonderful art team here. I really like the style you used.
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Hey me gusta. I Like it, congrats my friend
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