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10 minute coloring demo.

By JohnRauch
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Something I did today.
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Hey! Such great artwork here. May I ask what settings you smudge on? I have some nice painterly brushes, but I can't get my settings right to achieve the kind of effect you seem to get with your smudging.. But I really like the results, so I'm determined to learn :) 
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Really nice! Thanks for posting this.
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i can´t do it as good as you do but i will be able!
loverio's avatar
awesome and really helpful!Thanks!
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
I've had alot of trouble getting a hard clan look to my work, I think this method may well help me a great deal :)

thank you for posting it :)
I really loved watching your demos, Sean Parsons is one of my best friends and was nice enough to send me a link. Any chance you would consider doing a demo on creating custom brushes? From what I could see, you have quite the stash.
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Thanks! I'll add that to my list.
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Thanx a lot, this results so useful to learning people like me, Im very grateful...thanx again
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I'm glad it helps!
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wow, just wow. this is awesome, wish i had ur skills man, my art would be alot more interesting
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:+favlove: This is so cool. Seems like a fairly painless technique to use even with a mouse (this tablet I have isn't working for me). Thanks so much for making this!
krowzone's avatar
whenever i use a 35% scattered smudge tool, it tends to bring in the white from around the selected area. Maybe I have the brush wrong. Any ideas?
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You just have to be careful around the edges is all.
ulises-arreola's avatar
Thanks for sharing your smudge tool settings, i couldnt use this tool before cuz i never get the effect i want, with your setting works perfect :judge:
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Glad it helps!
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OK, that is super cool, John. I now have CS3.. custom smudge tool? Holy hell, I am trying that out!

And now I can download your fancy brushes!

Thanks for the video. Can't wait for one with narration.

I'd love to see one that explains how you do that neat grainy texture and such, I love your backgrounds :D
JohnRauch's avatar
Haha! I have another one with sound up now, but I plan on doing others with a bit more meat.
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How did I miss that? Time to peek at your gallery again!
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I love to see how people have different techniques. Very informative..thx
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No problem; thank you!
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