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Fairy Hunters

By JohnPatience
Fairy Hunters

Out from the wood where the screech owls call
The fairy hunters fly.
Hats of scarlet topped with feather,
Riding bats with wings of leather,
Over moorland spread with heather,
Under the moonlit sky.

With never a sound on the still night air
As soft as thistledown.
Over the trees on Blackberry Hill,
Close by the churchyard quiet and still.
Down by the river and watermill,
Where the water runs muddy and brown.

Armed with bee-sting, lance and bow
The fairy hunters fly.
Hunting moths of brown and red,
While the miller’s in his bed.
Dreams rise up like baking bread,
And no one will see them go by.

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© 2008 - 2021 JohnPatience
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A most delightful poem and picture! :) (Smile)  Reminds me of poems my old grandmother loved to read to us as kids. Little fairies were all the thing back then.
JohnPatience's avatar
Thanks very much, glad you like.  :)
phantsythat's avatar
Hard to choose a favorite but I think I'll collect this one.
It's delightful.
JohnPatience's avatar
Thanks, much appreciated,  :)
GenkiPuck42's avatar
Charming! Is the poem your own as well?
JohnPatience's avatar
Thank you, yes I wrote the poem. :)
Loneanimator's avatar
Absolutely delightful, is all I can say! :)
JohnPatience's avatar
Thanks very much.

Thanks also for the watch and the faves :)
AmberCrystalElf's avatar
What a delightful poem and a magickal illustration :D I love them both! :D
JohnPatience's avatar
Thankingyou very much :)
AmberCrystalElf's avatar
You're very welcome :)
cherryhobbit's avatar
I love the composition and your poem. It reminds me of old poems I use to read a kid. I'm so glad there are people out there who still doing this XD
JohnPatience's avatar
Yep there are still a few of us relics left :D

Thanks very much for your kind words for the fave and the watch. :)
Curiosa37's avatar
Phenomenal work in your gallery John, incredible style and sense of composition to all of your pieces. Great fave and much respect for your talent :bow:

ps. thanks so much for faving, so pleased you like them :)
JohnPatience's avatar
Thanks very much:)

I think your work is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it :nod:
Curiosa37's avatar
My pleasure John and many thanks to you for the fave and watch ... I'm truly honoured!
I will greatly enjoy keeping up with your work, you have a phenomenal talent :bow:
Many thanks for your kind words also, that means a great deal from an artist like you!
Cheers and Santé
JohnPatience's avatar
Thanks Manon I hope I can live up to your complements.:)

I just taken a look around your website. FANTASTIC! Your work is very original, I haven't seen anything quite like it before. I must draw one or two of my friends attention to it.
Curiosa37's avatar
You've already lived up to them John! :clap: Keep it up, truly blown away!

OH wow ... thanks so much for taking the time to look at my site and for your generous words! From a talent like you it means a lot!
I really appreciate your support! :)
Thanks again and hope you have a great day :sun:
JohnPatience's avatar
I wonder do you know the work of Wayne Anderson Manon though it's stylistically different from his I think your work shares something of the same spirit.

Your scaring me a bit with all the praise, a great deal of the work I've done over the years I did in order to pay the bills, of course I put into it what I could, but we can't be better than the jobs we are given. A lot of it wouldn't do my cred on DA much good. :D

My day was good thanks, I hope yours was too. :)
Curiosa37's avatar
I just found his site ... wow! :clap: Really enjoy his work, thanks so much for the reference. His version of Adam and Eve is my favorite.
I'm very honoured that you see parallels in our work!

hehehe Don't be scared ... I tend to gush when I love someone's work :bow: I get very excited when I find people that truly inspire me.
You did a phenomenal amount of work ... all very stunning. I've found myself doing a lot of graphic design to pay bills but my true passion is always in Illustration.

Thanks again for the reference, mucch apprecited. I'm a big fan of "Lane Smith", "Shaun Tan", "Nick Bantock" and "Pol Turgeon" just to name a precious few :)
Cheers my friend
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