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Mature content
Silus had heart :iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 0 0
Clowning around by JohnnyUwibami Clowning around :iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 0 0
My ESPs dyslexic
My ESP’s dyslexic
I cannot read your palm
It’s not a joke
My third eye got poked
And my witch won’t mix a balm
:iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 0 0
I'm at a point in my life
where I can't stand my wife
we fight
day and night
Til we're both filled with strife
What can I do
I've not one kid but two
Claim to love her
like no other
And hope that it's true?
It's not always this way
but it sure is today
that I'm a fool
is the only rule
of this game that she plays
:iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 0 0
My name is Santa and I'm a giftaholic
Hi. My name is Santa, and I’m a giftaholic
I was a kid when I first hid, this obsession of giving gifts
Or whatever you want to call it
It grew beyond myself, I had to hire elves
I went to great extremes
I built a factory at the North Pole and delivered toys by sled
Pulled by reindeer teams
To complete my life I took a wife and made her Mrs. Clause
She suggested we scale back to once a year
to elfin and reindeer applause
The rest you know
Ho! Ho! Ho!
It’s obvious I just can’t quit
I should work on my perfectionism instead
Just ask those poor misfits
:iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 0 0
Batman and
Me:   Hey, if you could combine the powers or abilities of any two characters, Marvel or DC..."
Her:  "Batman and..."
Me:   "Hold on. Any two characters to fight the monsters of this particular movie."
Her:  "Batman and..."
Me:   "Really? I mean, you don't want someone that can absorb kinetic energy or something?"
Her:  "Batman and..."
Me:   "Super strength..."
Her:  "Batman and..."
Me:   "Super speed?"
Her:  "Batman and..."
Me:   "Alright, alright. I got it. Batman. And..."
:iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 0 0
Darke King
Along the Northern Crags
where the Sea meets the Ice
there was a Darke King
who reigned not once,
but thrice
First as a Man
before God he was laid
Then again in undeath
through darke hands
Again through his Son
til he was expelled
imprisoned and cursed
and banished to
:iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 0 0
Too Late
You always looked
for the wrong answer
when you should have took
another chance on
the man you mistook
passed on a dance with
Girl can't you see?
:iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 0 0
New Toothbrush
Don't brush faster
or harder
to remove that plaque
and tartar
Get a new toothbrush
Don't mouthwash
and floss
and be convinced that
you're a boss
Get a new toothbrush
Don't white strip
or bleach
A good way to take care
of your teeth
Get a new toothbrush
:iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 1 0
Mature content
Beelzebub, can I call you Bob :iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 2 1
Time to go
It’s darkening outside; it’s time to go
This thirst at times ebbs
tonight, it flows
I’ve fought it for weeks, still it grows
this thirst inside
and Mistress knows
:iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 0 0
You should see the other guy by JohnnyUwibami You should see the other guy :iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 1 0 Time to make some jelly by JohnnyUwibami Time to make some jelly :iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 1 0
Playlist Poetry II
Everybody wants some
According to you
You’ve really got a hold on me
Every little thing I do
Tender is the night
Talk dirty to me
This Charming Man
My own worst enemy
There she goes
Taste of Honey
Tainted Love
Got your money
:iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 1 0
Like old times
There was a time
when a rhyme
was a good
friend of mine
But now I find
that a rhyme
doesn’t easily
come to mind
Am I old
beyond my prime
or from this hole
can I climb
:iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 0 0
My Epitaph
Husband, Father, Brother, Son
Time, run out
His body, done
Still living today through family and friends
His death a beginning, instead of an End
:iconjohnnyuwibami:JohnnyUwibami 1 1

Random Favourites

Never Have I
Never have I…
Ever found it…
Ever so difficult to write.
My pen resists…
Every twitch…
And every strokes a fight.
What is wrong…
Inside my head…
To cause this mental block.
It pains me now…
To write this note…
And I can't even get it to rhyme!
:iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 2 12
Captain America and Wolverine by Buchemi Captain America and Wolverine :iconbuchemi:Buchemi 91 26 One By One - Color by 0-dcl-0 One By One - Color :icon0-dcl-0:0-dcl-0 372 23 Megaman Tribute by Finch by PatrickFinch Megaman Tribute by Finch :iconpatrickfinch:PatrickFinch 257 40 Last One Alive - Color by 0-dcl-0 Last One Alive - Color :icon0-dcl-0:0-dcl-0 50 11 Artemis by JasonEngle Artemis :iconjasonengle:JasonEngle 1,193 47
Tenderly a kiss we share
in this moment of time,
Tenderly a bite you cast
upon the frail neck of mine,
Our hearts together
yet not quite the same,
but cold and unbeating
from now on mine will remain,
Our souls joining
becoming intertwined,
your harsh fate
quickly becoming mine.
:iconrhiea-chan:Rhiea-chan 3 3
The boy is a monster.
​You aren't even a person any more, just an idea.
A monster.
A festering, gangrened limb,
bleeding, and pusing, and threatening to drop off.
Cold eyes, in the darkest corner.
You've become something rude.
Some disgusting curse word that gets children slapped on the back of the hand,
and sent to bed without dinner.
All hands,
all  lips,
all flesh.
Dirty flesh. Flesh only seen by you.
pressed up inside the alcove...
of my mind.
You've lanked your fingers in and never really left,
lingering and pulling,
turning my every action into something nasty.
Into a soft, steady controlled shaking.
​My knees are buckling
I am ready to cry,
because I know hiding under the covers isn't enough any more.
Hiding in my mind isn't enough any more.
You aren't a person any more,
Just an idea.
Just a monster.
:iconrhiea-chan:Rhiea-chan 2 13
Self-portrait TRANSFORM by unsmoking-Cigarette Self-portrait TRANSFORM :iconunsmoking-cigarette:unsmoking-Cigarette 4 3 Mushroom Fairy by meliruth
Mature content
Mushroom Fairy :iconmeliruth:meliruth 5 8
LOBO VS WOLVERINE COLOR by Sandoval-Art LOBO VS WOLVERINE COLOR :iconsandoval-art:Sandoval-Art 448 139
My Bucket List
What to do before I die…
Hmm, perhaps something I would not normally try?
I'll go swimming with sharks beneath the sea
Oh that would be very brave of me!
I'll jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet
Now that would be extremely neat.
I'll scale a volcano to its fiery, erupting peak-
Or…maybe not (for I think I am much too weak).
I'll paddle and portage in my old canoe
Listening to the loons that sing right on cue.
I'll go to England to try their fish and chips-
So that will be one of my more relaxing trips.
I'll go up north to see the northern lights
And watch them for hours through endless nights.
Last but not least, I'll visit every single friend
To prove our bonds will never end.
There is so much more, but it is too long for me to say
So I will save it for another day.
:icon8twilightangel8:8TwilightAngel8 7 9
Uncanny X-Force 11 cover by diablo2003 Uncanny X-Force 11 cover :icondiablo2003:diablo2003 3,208 213 Jean and Rasputin by CoranKizerStone Jean and Rasputin :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 2,203 112 Meet Mr. Wilson by CoranKizerStone Meet Mr. Wilson :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 3,096 219 TeenTitans - Colored by JamieFayX TeenTitans - Colored :iconjamiefayx:JamieFayX 1,033 160


Took 3rd place in a local publication's short story contest. 

And I can't quit patting myself on the back over it. 

Got me writing again though.

So there's that.
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JohnnyUwibami's Profile Picture
United States
Just a guy that probably read too much Shel Silverstein and listened to too much rap whilst growing up. I rhyme a lot, sue me.

Sometime back I noticed my then teen daughter was on this site, so I like a good father (why did State Farm just come to mind), I registered to keep tabs on her. After exploring the site, I found a deep appreciation for the artists here, both pros and amateurs. I used to write a lot of poetry and short stories when younger, and I'll be damned if the talented people at dA didn't inspire me to start again. And here we are.

If you're so bored that you actually browse through my gallery, you'll see that I write about whatever comes to mind, from the mundane like picking up dog poop, to extremely personal topics like death and marriage. Hey, draw your own connections from those examples!

As for me, I'm an early 40's white guy according to appearances. According to a Facebook poll administered by my lovely Latina wife, I'm barely white at all. ? Anyway, I have two daughters, the aforementioned teen now a college student, and a 6th grader. Being a good father to these girls is my number one goal in life.

I am but one of many brothers, not sure how many to be honest. Pops got around a bit. I have three that I grew up with that I consider my best friends in the world. I have one that I befriended in high school only to find out later that we're related. We were once close but have since drifted apart. He has a full blooded brother that my dad and his mom gave up for adoption, and that I've never met. Whew! But it's my Mother and three brothers that shaped most of my childhood. I'll blame them for my sense of humor.

I, like I assume you to be dear reader, am human. As such, I hope that you feel I, like you and most everyone else, deserve a certain level of dignity and respect. I haven't had a problem thus far and don't anticipate having one, but I'd just like to spread the message that we're all in this together and that none of us are gonna get out alive. It's how we treat each other while we're here that counts. Also, if there's a generic message I could spread it'd be balance. Find balance in everything you do.


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