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Invicta - Male Reader/Sinon/Kirito/Asuna Part 1
Somewhere inside the crash site of Mega Star Destroyer
“How far it is Black Swordsman?”
“We’re close by.”
“Check your meds, Berserk Healer?”
“About 98%, heal shots included.”
“And any enemies, Hecate? Or Sinonon~”
“Look like they coming close, and please not saying that.”
“Come on, you know you love it~”
Sinon can’t help but love the nickname from you. Right now you four are the raid of Kylo Ren after First Order crash far from SBC Glocken. With Kirito walking the frontline with her wife, Asuna walk behind him and Sinon almost close to them looking the enemies far from them. It’s almost look like a perfect  squad positions, but the real question is; where are you?
“He’s right, can’t help but liking the nickname Sinonon~” Now Asuna joining in, Kirito give a little laugh while Sinon got red on her check.
“Can we get back to our raid, we’re here fo
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 4 1
Invicta - Male Reader/Sinon/Kirito/Asuna
Hello, and welcome a A/n and Sneak Peek of my SAO lemon! Just to let you know I cancel my Vault Hunter in Alfheim and make a new SAO story, reason cause it going take a long time to make a Borderlands x SAO story. So I had to cancel it and made a new story base on their SAO game Fatal Bullet. And you're about the read a sneak peek ch, enjoy!
Somewhere inside the crash site of Mega Star Destroyer
"How far it is Black Swordsman?"
"We're close by."
"Check your meds, Berserk Healer?"
"About 98%, heal shots included."
"And any enemies, Hecate? Or Sinonon~"
"Look like they coming close, and please not saying that."
"Come on, you know you love it~"
Sinon can't help but love the nickname from you. Right now you four are the raid of Kylo Ren after First Order crash far from SBC Glocken. With Kirito walking the frontline with her wife, Asuna walk behind him and Sinon almost close to them looking the enemies far from them. It's almost look like a perfect squad positions, but the real question is;
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 10 0
Eating with Half-Angel Final! Emi x Male Reader
You feel a light coming through your body, then you realize you’re not with them anymore.
You: Emi!
You open your eye when you get up, but a sharp pain hit your stomach. You laid back and look around, you now realize you’re at the infertility. Well Earth Infinite infertility when you now at. You try to remember of what happens, then it hit you.
You: Oh right, I was knock after turn into the guardian.
???: Of course you did.
It from coming through the door, and see R.O.B and Saztuo here to see you okay.
You: R.O.B, I see you got a new body.
R.O.B: Better than my last body.
You: And Dad,-
Saztuo: I know, I glad you’re okay. Maou’s friend told me that your dad giving you a second chance after you died.
You: Yeah, it rare seeing your family member give you a second chance after you die.
Saztuo: I’m glad not only you come back, but seeing your real dad in person.
You: Yeah, but you did take care of me. So….
Saztuo: Still calling me Dad.
You: Yup.
Saztuo h
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 11 1
X Reader Around The World(s) Part 8
This is my first collaborative of Around The World! Hope you enjoy it!
As the gang leave to the upstair, Nia show them the rooms.
Nia: This is your rooms.
Nia show the rooms is a 5 star. From HD-TV, to  indoor swimming pool, to anything you can imagine
You: This is huge!
Nia: it’s how 9anda got.
Ness: Wait, how about the people?
Nia: Since all of you kick them ass, I might ask the people who can help you during the death game.
As Nia leave the room, the gang do some crazy stuff. The Stand User look at the painting from many world, Ness and Mako try out gaming, that leave you a along time with Yang and Ryuko
Yang: So (Y/n), I never talk to Ryuko. She’s seen very naked whatever she “turn-on.”
Ryuko: Only cause I got Senketsu, and yeah this suit cause me almost naked but give me powerful skill. Unlike losing your hair of your.
Yang: Who said losing my hair give me more powerful than you.
You: Um lady-
Ryuko: Wait till you see my true power.
Yang: Oh yeah? How
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 10 5
Eating with Half-Angel Part 13 Emi x Male Reader
Before She come to rescue you, Emi need R.O.B to help her friends. As she reach to your house, she notce the door has been brust. Emi enter your home  anything was destroyed, not until she stop at the robot body, all torn apart.
Emi: R.O.B! *She grab his head* I’m sorry R.O.B. I let my emotions to reject (Y/N). It’s my fault. *Emi put R.O.B head to her, then cry.*
Not until a voice coming through the computer room.
???: It’s not your fault Emi.
Emi shock of what she heard before, she ran to your computer room and saw.
Emi: R.O.B! You alive, but-
R.O.B: I has a back up data incase anyone want to destroy me, guess he was right.
Emi: I glad you okay, but-
R.O.B: I know, we need to help my master before he get hurt. But more importantly, he need you.
Emi: I know, I don’t want to see him dying in front of me. How are you going to help without your body?
R.O.B: It take time to recontent my body, in a meantime I will content anyone who can beat both Airen and Ivyn
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 4 0
A Halloween date with Scarlet Witch - Erza x Male
Halloween. The night of spooks and scary. The night of horror and nightmare. And the night of getting candy and wearing your costume of your life! That and going to Halloween party at the State Fair.
This night need a hero, a hero who use Fist of Fury and got a Ai car of David Hasselhoff. That hero is none other than…..
You’re wearing that for Halloween costume contest, but you feel like you become Kung Fury. Kicking ass and taking names, but all out of bubblegum. Only cause you got date with Erza Scarlet, and let say that her and Jellal are not working out. So you take care of Erza not matter what, and if you don’t? Well let just say Team Natsu gonna kick your ass, Hard.
*Door bell ring*
You: I’m coming!
You open door and see Erza wearing Mercy’s Witch skin, and hot damn she is still sexy with or without that cosplay. Oh and she is hosting this year's Halloween party.
Erza: Well someone to ready kick Nazis ass.
You: *In Kung Fury voice* And hav
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 26 0
Vault Hunter in Alfheim Male!VH!Reader x Girl Ops
At the gang hang out apartment
You: Thank for the food and drink.
Kirito: No problem, it’s Asuna who made this.
Right now, you are at the house they hangout.
Agli: I never knew you’re Vault Hunter the whole time.
Oh you forgot Agli, you never knew Alfheim got bl- On second thought we just gonna ignore that.
Klein: Yeah, wait till you see him kicking our butt out the field.
Agli: Did you? *Look at you*
You: Well it was self defense.
After said that, Asuna bring food to you as well with a drink.
Asuna: Sorry about the mess back there.
You: It’s alright, at least we know each other.
You look at Asuna’s sandwich, it look good and you can tell Kirito is jealous of that.
You: I mean it a long day since-
When you take a bite, it taste like heaven.
Kirito: I know that look, go ahead and eat it.
When Kirito told you, you eat like a Skag eating their children. They laugh of you eating, after eating it you drink a water.
You: Oh my god, that was the best sandwich I ever ha
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 13 0
Mature content
Midnight Workout - Mila x Male Reader Lemon P.2 :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 16 1
Mature content
Midnight Workout - Mila x Male Reader Lemon :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 25 0
Welcome to the Jungle Male Reader x Ahri/Katarina
2 - How you meet them
Ahri P.O.V
I remember you, the time you took something valuable to me.
I was walking throughout the jungle after helping Xayah and Rakan attack Zed and his Order of the shadow, well mostly Xayah but still help them. We recover the lost necklace that Zed used to destroy Shen and their fallow ninja friends. Xayah give a necklace to me, sometime we didn't get along but although she want to tell me what it like to "mate" with the human. Maybe she want to do with Rakan, but that the story for the future.
As I walked with my new necklace, someone watching me. I smell who it is. Human. Male. Young? This is going be good~
Ahri: Whatever you are, I bet you here for something.
???: Yeah. I here for the necklace.
Then I hear a drop behind, when I looked I see a male with a hunter clothe and carry a weapon. This is going be fun~
Ahri: Well if you want the necklace back, you gotta deal with me.
I summoning the orb, ready to fight.
???: This necklace belong to the jungle!
The h
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 27 3
Welcome to the Jungle Male Reader x Ahri/Katarina
You're (Y/N) (L/N), a lone hunter who protect your home from destroy by Noxus.
When you a little child you and your  parents used to live outdoor house, everything was fine, until Noxus came. They killed your parent leaving you alone in the jungle. You were going to die, until Rengar the Pridestalker save you, long his side are Nidalee the  Bestial Huntress.
They help you to become the hunter and survive the forest, after few year they leave without saying goodbye. Not until they leave you a gift, your Dagger and your machete.
You've been wounder the jungle for past year, anyone that across you, you hunt them down. Even the wolf you faced. After a death battle between you and the beast, the beat bite your arm but you stab him multi time. But you feel funny, you turn into a werewolf.
But just before you freak out, you met a another wolf just like the one you faced already. Turn out, he was on your side. He learning you to their home, there was mother who take care the pact. A
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 36 2
Eating with Half-Angel Part 12 Emi x Male Reader
After the date, which you mess up big time.  You’ve heartbroke even since last night date, saying people is more important than her, but in your heart Emi’s more important to you. A Half-Angel who care about you, you’ve never imagine that before.
Right now you heading The Devil caste, aka Maou house. Maybe a Demon Lord who can help your heartbroken.
You: *Knock the door*
Maou: *Open the door and see you grump* You mess up the date.
You: Big time.
Maou: Come.
You come in
Few minutes later you ask Maou about giving a second chance with her, you can’t help but think what she going to say. She’s going accepted your apology, or never forget you?
Maou: Just do it, I sure of it?
You: You’re sure about it? I mean what if-
Maou: I know Emi still like you a lot, I been seeing you two talking each other. Heck not only saving our butt, but giving her love she want.
You look at him, for a Devil King he’s good at someone giving a tips.
You: I’m
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 8 3
Eating with Half-Angel Part 11 Emi x Male Reader
It been more then few mouth. You and Emi had been talking each other during work time, and sometime been “dating.” Well that what Emi thinking.
You feel the weird feeling with Emi, in fact you already in love with her!
You can’t help but talking with her everytime she call you. Heck you been walking around with her when she had a day off.
You can tell you want more than just friend, so why not asking her to be your girlfriend?
There a change that she will accept begin your girlfriend, if not…… There no going back.
Right now you and Emi are at the fancy restaurants, a five star around the city of Japan. As you two done your meal. You ask her.
You: Can’t believe it been a few mouth.
Emi: It has. Can’t remember how it start it.
You: I would say we both bump each other and forgot your wallet, so I payed both our meal.
Emi: That’s how we become friend.
You: I thoung you can’t remember?
Emi: I was testing you.
You: You good.
Emi: You know
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 9 0
Vault Hunter in Alfheim Male!VH!Reader x Girl Ops
A Welcome Party
As you safely fall down to the ground, you make a hero landing.
After it you around and saw ammo, weapons and even supplies from the fall. But most importantly, what is this place? Like the flying castle and big tree, you knew you in different world.
As you walk away, a ship crashes down and make a explosion. Which you don't care and walk away like a badass should do, walk away and don't look at the explosion .
You: Looking at explosions is so overrated.
Few hour past and seen you been lost, you climb up the tree and look anyone close to you.
???: RUN AWAY!!
???: I already told it a bad plan!
???: Why you make yourself a leader?!
???: Cause I want it show how good Girl Ops we are!
You: Just my lucky day.
You drop down to help the girls out.
You run to the location until you spot four girl running away.
And you think they’re normal person like human. Right?
Nope, you saw four colorful adventurers running away from a
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 18 2
Vault Hunter in Alfheim Male!VH!Reader x Girl Ops
Welcome to Alfheim
Sorry for the wait, we already deal the bandits after we sold fake guns, hope they didn't shoot.
Let begin! Starting with you going take down Hyperion scientist who summoning a Alien monster to restore peace, lucky for you it not going to happen.
You: You know, talking so loud make me want to shut your mouth up.
You take cover while just open Vault leaving an unknown monster coming through the portal.
Clockwork: Thank to your Vault friend who change the Vault key, I HAVE NOW FULL CONTROL TO WHATEVER SO CALL "GUARDIANS." and with it, NOBODY WILL EVER STOPPING ME!
You: Okay! Now I REALLY shut your f^#* mouth up!
You change at him with your Bitch (It a Legendary SMG, no it really it is. Just google Borderlands Bitch and see it is a Legendary SMG)
Loader Bots drop in while turr
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 8 1
New Year with a Titan and a Bunny
Male Reader x Annie and Velvet
Ah New year, people celebrate every end of the year. Whatever good or bad they has over a year, they make a new year resolutions. People want to make a resolutions every year, even you make a new year resolutions. But look like your resolution is almost complete.
Your New Year Resolutions is stay Velvet Scarlatina and Annie Leonhart.
You met Annie during your gym class, and let just say she outmatch you. You want to defend yourself from bully, so you ask Annie to train you some brazilian jijustu and muai thai move. You learn more about her of how isolate when she not around with people. You help her making friends with Kirito, Ruby Rose, and many more. Annie doesn’t feel alone anymore.
Velvet was getting bullied from a group name Cardin and his ass face friends, you can’t help but beat the crap out of them. You totally did beat them up thank to Annie. You want to help Velvet from getting bullied from anyone, she thank to stand up for you makin
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 14 13


Yandere Simulator X M!Reader Investigation

Picture from Yandere Simulator Wiki
Disclaimer: I do not own anything in relation to Yandere Simulator other then the Story, The rights go to YandereDev and his associates, and you belong to yourself.
(Y/N): Your Name
(L/N): Last Name
(E/C): Eye Color
(H/C): Hair Color
Chapter 10:
 Words from the Past
(Y/N POV) 
After I had woke up from the night before, still beating myself up for letting, Miss Aishi get so close and even allowing her to talk to me today at lunch, almost made me not wan't to get out of bed with the fear since I had told her my intentions, that she will have a good sharp knife to shove into my head come lunchtime today, I still know about the stories that my brother had told me about her mother, and if it weren't for our
:iconmichaelg1914:MichaelG1914 5 0
Spider Girl by rossdraws Spider Girl :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 6,940 167 Mesa Prime by LEOSVON Mesa Prime :iconleosvon:LEOSVON 21 1
Yandere Simulator X M!Reader Investigation

Picture from the Yandere Simulator Wiki
Disclaimer: I do not own anything in relation to Yandere Simulator other then the Story, The rights go to YandereDev and his associates, and you belong to yourself.
Chapter: 8 New Rules.
(Ayano's POV) 
I had woke up in complete euphoria, after I had felt that mans presents on me, my life has changed in so many different ways. I feel warm, see the colors of the world, even had the gall to get friends something I though I would never have, Taro was a nice guy, calm and gentle, while Osana was the complete opposite, snarky, and hostile, from what I had heard about her, she is rather aggressive with people who don't know her very well, I do hope she isn't to hostile toward me. 
As I see the sun hit my face
:iconmichaelg1914:MichaelG1914 5 0
Hacker Girl x Male Reader
Started playing Watchdogs 2 and wanted to make the story about a hacker who stalked their crush until an opportunity came by.
Seriously please request stories, I'm running out of ideas.
The girl above is just a picture I had and not the girl in the story. I didn't want to leave the story without.
Alright story time.
Y/n= Your name
She fucking left me, I gave her everything and she fucking dumped me. I was such a fucking idiot.
I gave her all the money I had because she said she was gonna find a good apartment so we could move in together. But now I was broke, alone and depressed.
This was my second straight week of crying in bed, I barely ate and only got out of bed to go to the bathroom or grab something to keep me from starving to death.
None of it would matter much longer. I lived in a small shitty apartment and rent was due in a few days and there was no way I'd be able to afford it so I was destined to get kicked out into
:iconxtrasass:XtraSass 5 1
Critical Hit! (Ruby Rose x Male!Reader Normal AU)

"Mhmm... Almost..." Ruby muttered as she inched closer to the mirror with a pair of scissors ready to cut a small bit of hair by the side of her head.
"Got it!!" She cheered to herself before placing the scissors down. She turns her head around and makes a bunch of faces, inspecting how her new haircut works.
"Fufufu! It's perfect!!"
"Look out world! Ruby Rose has a new haircut!" She cheered to herself before getting her bag and leaving the restroom.
"There you are sis! I thought you'd never leave!" Yang smiled as she ruffled with Ruby's hair.
"A-Ah! Y-Yang! Please stop!" She replied, squirming out of her grasp and immediately trying to fix her hair.
"C'mon, Dad had to leave early so we're taking my motorcycle today." Yang replied as she grabbed her bag and walked out the door.
"E-Eh?! All that effort in cutting my hair..." Ruby sulked before joining Yang.
-- Timeskip brought to you by a sad Ruby on a bike --
"Ung... noo..." Ruby sighed as she strai
:iconredeyedghoul:RedEyedGhoul 37 2
Mature content
Vacation Home. (M!Reader x Yang Xiao Long) :iconagentlemanswrath:AGentleMansWrath 32 5
WARFRAMES' Bizarre Adventures by ChickenDrawsDogs WARFRAMES' Bizarre Adventures :iconchickendrawsdogs:ChickenDrawsDogs 155 11
Little Hunter (Mom Yang and Blake X Male Child Rea
A little something to get me back into things.
Legend: (F/N)First name, (E/C)Eye color
Third Person POV:
"We all packed?" Ruby asked as she returned to the platform where a Bullhead was waiting to take the team on a mission. "Ammo, dust, snacks for (F/N); all set." "Do you two really think bringing a four year old on an extermination mission is a good idea?" Yang gave Weiss a soft glare. "Dad is busy teaching, the god parents are helping deal with some issues between Atlus and Menagerie, and no one else is available. AND Blake and I ARE NOT GONNA LEAVE OUR BABY WITH A RANDOM SITTER!"
"Yang do you have to yell?" Blake asked with her ears pressed into her hair. "Sorry." "It's gonna be a long flight." "Blake smiled, and looked around the corner behind her. "That's why (F/N) is already in his jammies." From around the corner walked a messy haired four year old in a hooded set of Beowolf PJs. "CUTE!~" "SUPER CUTE!~" Ruby and
:iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 26 16
Yandere Simulator X M!Reader Investigation

The Picture is from the Yandere Simulator official website 
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the Yandere Simulator game any and all Characters that are not an OC belong to YandereDev and his Associates, as well I don't own You either. Thank You.
(Y/N) Your Name
(L/N)  Last Name
(F/C)  Favorite Color 
Chapter 2:
 Meeting with the Saikou's 
After your departure with your brother and joining up with the Saikou employees it was a fairly long walk through the Airport to the gate where Mr. Saikou is waiting for you. You pass by several stores and see men, women, and children rushing to get to their gates and how heck-tick the airport was at this time, as well you where a little shaken to realize that you will speak to Mr. Saikou
:iconmichaelg1914:MichaelG1914 6 0
Persona 5 x Male!Reader - Chapter 9

Y/n: So, what are we doing for today? 
Ann: I guess I could take you to my modeling job, then get something to bite afterwards. 
Y/n: You’re a model? 
Ann: I’m not a full-time model. It’s more like a hobby, if anything. Why? 
Y/n: I’ll get you in touch with my aunt. She’s a tailor. If you see me in anything out of my uniform, it was made by my aunt. 
Ann: It sounds like she’s also a fashion designer. 
Y/n: She’s trying to get a brand thing going for her, making outfits and suits that would hopefully get herself some recognition if she had someone wear her clothes at, let’s say, Milan. Until then, her work is limited to talk show hosts and the odd celebrity. She gets paid well enough, even after all of her business expenses. 
Ann: I’d like to see how you look out of the uniform before I give you an answer. 
Y/n: Fair enough. 
:iconpopdood:popdood 20 15
Robot (Makoto Niijima x Male!Reader) Pt. 7
    Could Makoto really be a Phantom Thief? You couldn't believe it, Makoto of all people? It just didn't seem possible. After school, you went straight home. Makoto didn't talk to you today, she was probably busy. Normally you wouldn't mind, you understood that she was busy after all, but her phone call last night kept bugging you. It made you think that she could actually be a Phantom Thief. 
    At home, you're just bored. It's boring just spending time at home, doing whatever it was you usually do. It couldn't keep you entertained forever. The fresh air of the outside calls you, so looking for something to do, you leave your house. It's cool outside, the perfect temperature to let your mind wander. You simply couldn't believe that you were even considering the fact that Makoto could be a Phantom Thief. It was a well known fact that the Phantom Thieves' first target was at your school. Suguru Kamoshida. He had done some pretty terrible things to the students
:iconecho-echoe:Echo-Echoe 3 0
WARFRAME - Breakfast Alert by ChickenDrawsDogs WARFRAME - Breakfast Alert :iconchickendrawsdogs:ChickenDrawsDogs 188 15 female nyx prime by LEOSVON female nyx prime :iconleosvon:LEOSVON 41 3
Robot (Makoto Niijima x Male!Reader) Pt. 6
    The more time that passes, the more you wish you could tell Makoto how you felt. It was just a few days after your last outing with her, and you were already out with her again. This time, she had asked you if you could go to the amusement park with her. She said something about 'wanting to know what people do for fun'. You were happy to go with her, but the feeling of unease kept bugging you as you made your way inside the park with her. You wanted so badly to tell her how you felt, but no matter what, you couldn't bring yourself to do it. What if she doesn't feel the same way? It would completely ruin the friendship you had with her.
    "(Y/n)? Are you alright?" She asks you, yanking you out of the other world that is your own thoughts.
    "Yeah... Sorry, I'm fine." You tell Makoto. She looks concerned, but nods, believing your word. "So... What ride do you want to go on first?"
    Makoto looks around the busy park, taking in the sights
:iconecho-echoe:Echo-Echoe 4 0
SSSS.Gridman: Akane X Rikka X Male Reader Ch.2
Might as well go all out and include Rikka as well since there isn't many SSSS.Gridman fic. Anyway, enjoy !
Fanart Link:
(Y/N)'s POV:
I abruptly woke up after that battle with the Kaiju. After looking at my surroundings, I confirmed that I was in my room. Did I just dream all of this ? It makes sense...I mean, a Kaiju attacked the city and I fused with a black robot to fight it. There's no way that any of this was rea-..
Endymion: I assure you, it wasn't a dream.
(Y/N): Figured as much....But wait, wasn't I still fused ? Why am I back home ?
Endymion: I'm not the one responsible for this. After the Kaiju was defeated, the world resets itself for some reason.
(Y/N): So, mind filling me about what's going on ?
Endymion: The city is in great danger. Someone is causing the Kaiju to appear in Tsutsujidai but I unfortunately have no idea who that might b
:iconyoshikagehugo:YoshikageHugo 11 3



1,729 deviations
To anyone saw my journal, it mean I be going to California for 10 day at Dec.15 . Meaning no story, that and x reader around the world. But I will write during my trip if I got time .


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i join Deviantart to see my pic so i be make pic some day so enjoy xD


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