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Middle Earth Wallpaper

Collest Desktop Wallpaper, if you're JRRT fan, like me... I found this map online, it is by Daniel Reeve (visit his site for more middle earth maps, and stuff) ...
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Now, it's my new wallpaper.. \o/
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This is wicked! I set it as my screensaver :happybounce:
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Nicely done. I did a similar thing with the same map: [link]

I like the perspective you gave it and I like that everything's in black. Nicely done.
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Wow! Wow! Wow! It's beautiful!
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Heh. Yeah that's what I thought. With photoshop you can add or edit just about anything to a photograph.
Anyways, I commend you - keep up with the good work and remember! J.R.R Tolkien is Iluvatar and we are his children.
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Simple, yet impressive. Did you get the base image from the Daniel Reeve website then added a fade-in effect? because it's quite effective especially with that marrone-brown feel.
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I don't remember where I got the original map from. It may be from Daniel Reeve's website, but I honestly don't remember. What I remember is that I couldn't find the map big enough for a wallpaper.. I added some fade-in effects, and some other stuff, with Photoshop. And, yes, I wanted that brownish feel, because I wanted it to look like an old map...
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