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Scribbletastic brush pack

Brushes for creating more abstract/scribbly effects.

Has a directional based grass/hair brush - anticlockwise for pointing up, clockwise for down.

Tablet required.

#1 Grimetastic Brush Pack [link]

#2 Sketchtastic brush pack [link]

#3 Scribbletastic brush pack [link]

#4 Scrufftastic brush pack [link]

#5 Filthtastic brush Pack [link]

* Grab the texture pack too, [ here ]

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Thank you for the brush!!!

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Thanks for these great brushes

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Thank you so much

JohnnySix! Thank you so much for your amazing brushes! May God give health and happiness to you and to your family as well! Very appreciated

Thank you for sharing an amazing array of brushes as well as your incredible artwork.

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muchas gracias... empezare a usarlos

tienes el link? no me aparece nada para descargarlos

Thank you so much for these brushes :squee:

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Thank u can’t wait to try them:love:

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Wow,Thank you!
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Great share buddy! I'm plan to use it for my future artwork :)
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your brushes are scriblamazing, thanks for sharing.
used a couple of them here captaindiabetes37.deviantart.c…
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Thank you very much!
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Yeah, but the pressure won't work, so set any pressure settings to 'off' or 'fade' instead, if you want to try simulate pressure.

Bamboos are coming down in price daily though, mine was just £69 if I recall, sure it's A6, but it's pretty good for shading stuff, and not so bad for drawing. :)
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will this work if i only use mouse since i'm a mouse user?? D:
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