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KP ScreenCap Manipulation 1

This is a ScreenCap taken from the show "Kim Possible" (Episode : Tick-Tick-Tick) which I've altered to make it look more "shippy"!
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Hilarious how yet another club/group, 'devoted to fighting art theft', has been perma-banned for harassment.

I don't think they realize that dA doesn't like them any more than it likes true art thieves. PLUS, as long as you give CREDIT, it isn't really art theft.

So much for "TheWhiteKnights" [link]
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FAQ #8: What does deviantART consider to be Art Theft?
"Generally speaking any submission which is directly built upon the existing work of another artist or photographer can be considered to be a case of art theft. These works may feature screenshots, official artwork or sprites taken from a video game, scans from an art book, artwork found on a website somewhere on the internet or a photograph of a famous person (just to name a few examples), but in every case the 'seed image' is the legal property of another artist. In many cases these 'seed images' are manipulated, colored over, blended with other images, and otherwise digitally worked over but none of this makes the use acceptable or allowed."

This deviation is breaking dA's policy and we just wanted to warn you that administrative actions could be taken against it.

Our Apologies, *TheWhiteKnights
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aww i see, they look cute there :)
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Thanks! I can't take all the credit coz it was a fairly minimal alteration, as the scene was already good as it is. :)
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Let me guess, minus the tick?
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...and minus the frown too. :)
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