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Sakura warmup 112710

Warm up from awhile back. playing with different color methods... Promise to give more indepth descriptions/comments in the future.

-keep it ill-
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Nicely done dude.
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Cool version of Sakura
Woerlan's avatar
I like how mature she looks here compared the typical wide-eyed naive anime look.
this picture say "are you ready to kick some ass!!"to me
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Valkyrie-ireness's avatar
this looks amazing! :3
Kenichi2point0's avatar
Awwwwwwww sh!t! NICE!
clc1997's avatar
I really like your Sakura. It always bothered me that they kept her in her school uniform even though she should be much older by the time of SFIV.
AJthe90skid's avatar
Yeah that was really weird, especially how even in her ending in XvsSF shows her as with a daughter and she's STILL wearing her uniform! LOL
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The art itself is very impressive, but the face looks...scary. :/
Terrornaut's avatar
Devious, hot...Nice style of doing the hair...figure and the way the headband flows is pretty smooth. Facially, nice wicked look - it also has this kind of diversity could probably give her three different skin tones and she'd end up fitting as a few different races

Been kind of tempted to do a black chun li, latina sakura, korean rose just for the hell of it lately...this has me thinking more about doin it
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thanks man. it's definitely fun to put your own twist on characters.
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I like this one
Ermac1313's avatar
no problems bro
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he looks hot man! lovin your style!
j1mme's avatar
i like the new look
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