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V Diana Unmasking

Older commission for :iconfrokamen: 'V' the series created for Warner Bros. Television.
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The-Evening-Gallery's avatar
I love V, great work!
miki7312's avatar
Cool! I love that woman, I love her pink and human skin from her hair to the soles of her soft feet (in a human suit), only instead of tearing it off she would be sexier to take it off like doing a streaptease. I congratulate you.
johnnyharadrim's avatar
Thanks. Inspired by Naked Lunch.
Jacksparrow12334's avatar
johnnyharadrim's avatar
Don't be, we never get to see the Visitors remove their full human suits.
Aseika's avatar
I always expected a full body look from the show but never got it tile now :P
johnnyharadrim's avatar
Somebody had to do it ;)
Samael1103's avatar
love love love !!!
Dnbray's avatar
can you do a slitheen from doctor who maybe a young sexy female unmask cause the skin suits in the series are all fat people
johnnyharadrim's avatar
Sorry but no as I don't take requests. Not a fan of the Slitheens either.
Admanios's avatar
Oooh, I love it. Too bad we never got a full scene of Diana with her, ahem, suit off.
johnnyharadrim's avatar
Budget constraints alas. This is my tribute to Diana/Jane Badler lol
cable19876's avatar
Just wish they didn't have to rip such good looking skin suits
Elkaddalek's avatar
Can you make the scene from the 1st Cocoon movie? Guy is peeping threw a hole as an alien undresses her human disguise.
That was my first introduction to unmasking.  My god, the build up and reveal was fantastic.  Tahnee Welch, she was gorgeous too...
Levi-K-Whitney's avatar
This is probably the first time your "shedding the outer skin" motif has made sense...
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