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Mother Knows Best

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The skylight exploded as the tall, amazonian blonde crashed through it, slammed down hard on the large, polished oak table. The table splintered and cracked under her weight, collapsing to the tiled floor in splinters to the astonishment of the people gathered around it, "Crazy" Joey Zilco and his entourage. The bottle-blonde draped over his arm let out a scream and took off for the exit as fast as her stiletto heels would carry her, her huge inflated tits bouncing out of her little black dress. She wasn't the one Jane was here to collect. Zilco stared open mouthed at the vigilante as she leered at him, tossing her mussed hair up and over her shoulder with a sudden motion of her powerful neck. The underworld up and comer was dressed in an expensive looking, three piece suit custom made for him from Hong Kong. His once thick black hair was balding and he had a prominent chin and jaw, currently hanging askew. Around him as an assortment of various thugs, bodyguards and underbosses. Zilco had recently been under investigation by the feds for having offed his boss, infamous Angel Falls mobster Anthony "The Trigger" Magnata in a violent hit last week that left four innocent people dead as well. Zilco had an alibi of course: he had been out of town on a fishing trip when this heinous act occurred and been with dozens of witnesses. Building a case against him would be damn near impossible and there was a solid chance he'd beat the rap in court. A confession and some hard evidence would certainly make things easier.

"I hear you're the boss now Zilco" Jane said, taking a step towards the frightened underworld figure. "Bad luck for Magnata that he walked right into that heist. Bad luck for the people at that gas station too huh?"

Zilco didn't say anything, simply closing his mouth and setting his jaw. A goon behind her went for his piece. Jane snapped around and took hold of the thug's arm, twisting it backwards and away from him. There was a wet snap and his arm hung loosely at his side, the gun dropping from his useless grip to the floor. The man howled in pain once before Prodigy smashed him in the face, throwing him back over his chair before sprawling him onto the floor.

Another bodyguard took advantage of the situation to pull and aim his pistol at her. 9mm. The bullet slammed into her back, ricocheting up into one of the recessed lights that illuminated the room. Jane smirked as she kicked backwards, her heel crashing into his chest and throwing him across the room. He crashed into the bar and slumped to the floor, covered in broken glass and spilled alcohol. She arched an eyebrow and looked at the other two goons, her eyes begging them to get in on that action. Seeing that neither of them wanted any part of her, she directed her attention back to their boss with a derisive snort.

"As I was sayin'," she said in her pleasant, Southern accent, "it's a shame those other people had to be there, wasn't it?"

"Yeah...""Crazy" Joey stammered out, standing up. Jane noticed his fly was undone and smirked, thinking about that girl toy giving him a handy under the table at his victory celebration and how she interrupted it. "...but you don't have any evidence on me. I was out of town. I was fi..."

Jane grabbed the mobster up by his throat and lifted him a good two feet off the floor. Zilco struggled, pulling futilely against her grip with both hands, his face turning a bright shade of red.

"Maybe you don't know much about me so I'm going to let you in on a few things Sugah. First of all my name is..."

"Your name is Jane Smith, better known as American Hero." came a female voice from behind her. Jane whipped her head around to see who was speaking, Zilco still dangling off the ground by his neck.

The voice came from a very attractive and well-toned woman standing a few feet away in the entrance. She had long, luxurious raven-black hair and wore the colors of the American flag across her body. Her costume consisted of a full-sleeved top, white gauntlet style gloves, a red and white striped one-piece swimsuit and a short red cape. White stars adorned the bosom, arms and tops of her knee-high boots and on her face was a blue half-mask. Whoever she was Prodigy didn't recognize her. Lady Liberty perhaps? No that one was blonde and her tits were much bigger. She was walking towards Jane as she continued to speak.

"Let Zilco go. I already have enough evidence gathered from the crime scene and here in his building to give the DA a solid case, but not if you rough him up." she said matter of factly.

"And who the hell are you?" Jane shot back.

"I'm American Mom."

Ah! Now she knew where she had seen her before. She had been on the news last month for saving a plane that almost crashed into the city. The Deputy Mayor had made a big stink over her during a press conference. Apparently she had been some big deal during World War II in this dimension. The name was corny as hell to her ears, American Mom. Still, she was super-strong and durable and that made her far more of a threat than any of Zilco's goon squad. So many fucking capes in this city it was hard to keep them all straight.

“Well, 'Mom', you'll excuse me but what exactly are you supposed to be? Some prepubescent teen fantasy? You're a punchline, a walking horny teenager’s MILF joke. You may have been big during WWII, but where have you been since then? And what is this crap I hear about you being a role model for younger heroines, how do we know that you’re even a mother at all?”

American Mom smiled. "And last I heard you were a convicted murderer who launched an unsuccessful bid for governor and is now trying to seem legitimate as a heroine. And you have a blood feud with the Soviet Superwoman, one of the most noble and selfless heroes I’ve ever heard about, and unless you were reading from the Fourth Reich playbook, that kind of makes YOU a bad guy. Now, we can spend the next few minutes continuing to insult each other or we can work together on this. First you need to let Zilco go."

"And if I don't?" Zilco was already starting to turn a deep shade of blue as he scratched and kicked to get free from Prodigy's grasp.

"Look," American Mom began, "You wear the American Flag and you seem to love this country, just like I do. We both believe in America and we both are from a time period that represented all the best we could be and strive for. I know you want to be respected and seen as something more than a criminal. I've followed you, Jane Smith and I don't think you're a lunatic or a psycho like so many in the media and people on the street have branded you. You have a lot of supporters and a lot of people who are expecting big things from you. They want to see you succeed and become more than what people have labeled you. I want to see you become that hero you've always wanted to be...but you can't do it like this. Not over any more dead bodies. Let Zilco go. I'll contact law enforcement and when they come I'll smooth things over. You've got to do this for yourself, not for him. He isn't worth it Jane."

“I want to help you Jane, but you have to let me.”

Jane’s expression softened. She mulled it over. Prodigy. A real hero, not a vengeance-obsessed blood-stained ‘superhero’ who’d left a trail of bodies and tears in her wake. A world destroyed, her world, and for what? To get back at Soviet Superwoman? Was that all she really stood for?

Her grip on Zilco loosened, and the half-unconscious mobster slid to the floor in a puddle of fear-induced piss. Pathetic, Jane thought, half wanting to kick him out of the building through the plate glass window, then she remembered American Mom's words. Why she’d changed her name to Prodigy in the first place.

Jane contemplated the raven-haired beauty in front of her. She'd made up her mind.

“So, how exactly were you planning on getting Zilco?” Jane inquired in a more relaxed, but still slightly challenging, tone.

“Remember the blonde who was here when you burst in so unceremoniously? Big tits, handjob?”

Jane’s eyes widened. “You…?!”

American Mom held up her discarded disguise, “Ta-daaa! Something I learned from the OSS. Very useful for undercover operations.”

“I’m wired. " She added "You have no idea how much incriminating evidence a mobster will spill when he thinks he’s safe. Or when he's feeling powerful so he brags to his mooks about how many people he’s had whacked to get to where he is now…”

American Mom paused “He may get off temporarily because you roughed him up, but there’s no way he’s escaping a murder charge based on the dirt I have on him now. Like the digital recording he had his guys make of Magnata's hit. I'm surprised he didn't have that posted on Youtube...”

Jane smirked in agreement “So indiscreet, everyone’s tryin' to sell book or TV rights nowadays.”

American Mom allowed herself a little smile “and to impress his new girl toy.”

“You weren’t plannin' on going all the way with him, were you?” Jane asked, half seriously.

“Ugh! No, I would’ve just made my big reveal after I’d gotten all the info I needed and busted them. Using my Maternal Voice to subdue them non-violently, of course. Besides, being around scum like this for too long leaves a bad psychic aftertaste…” American Mom curled her lips in disgust at the thought of having to service Zilco under the table like that.

Jane laughed at that, “Disturbing, but effective!”

"I find it works." Mom smiled back at the statuesque blonde. "Look, would you like to get a coffee sometime under better circumstances? It would be nice to talk to someone who knows who the Andrews Sisters are rather than the Kardashians for a change."

Jane shot her a positive grin in return. "That would be nice."


This was an amazing collaboration between myself and <div class="authorative-avatar">:iconsoviet-superwoman:


<div class="gruserbadge"> Olga Yezhov :, one of many to come! OMG! I can't contain my excitement!

Olga wrote and I drew the picture ;)<div class="gruserbadge"> <div class="gruserbadge"> I love her stories, yah!Hug
 <div class="gruserbadge">Jane Smith, a.k.a Prodigy is of course, (c)<div class="authorative-avatar">:iconsoviet-superwoman:


<div class="gruserbadge"> Olga Yezhov and American Mom is my creation.<div class="gruserbadge">
This takes place in :iconangel-fallsda:
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what did he do
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It's in the story ;)
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Ah, the Andrews Sisters.  I know about them because I am a big fan of Abbot and Costello films.  Nice reference.
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Thank you! I love their songs!
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svesamikreteniHobbyist Traditional Artist
Me, after seeing the picture: "Zat iss Ahnuld!" Zilco really looks like the Governator, at least to me. Then again, I have a bit of a problem with people resembling other people...
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Ah damn, rumbled!! ;p
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svesamikreteniHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well it was about damn time! Finally someone actually resembles someone else... What did I mean to say by that?
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svesamikreteniHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sometimes my sentences become too convoluted even for myself... Eh, such is the life I suppose
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Mothers usually always know best. Great image. Really liked the story as well.
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Prison stories:

Prisoner 1:  Yeah, I was robbing a bank and some big guy hit me with an ATM.

Prisoner 2:  I was trying to kidnap a bus full nuns when some woman ripped the top of the boss off and grabbed my collar.

Prisoner 3:  American Mom was giving me a handy under the table.  The rest is kind of a blur.

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other prisoners: She gave you a handy??? No waaaaiiii!
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Lady-QuantumHobbyist Digital Artist
Kai- Always thought there was more to Jane than what was being shown before. She wouldn't have bothered trying to reform otherwise.

Terry- Yeah, but she has to believe in herself, and that she can reform. That's going to be the key.

Kai- Too true Terry. Doubt will be the killer of this alliance if it happens. Let's all just pray it works out for the best.
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AM will do her best! She's not going to let another patriotically-themed heroine ruin her life...not this time.
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Lady-QuantumHobbyist Digital Artist
Kai- We know she will give it her all! AM is the best! Love the art and the story is wonderful as well! You both did an excellent job! :hugs:
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very kool i like it , well done.
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BaronKastigrOBeefdipHobbyist Traditional Artist
Now that was a fine read!!!! Awesome artwork as well!
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Thank you, kudos to Olga for the excellent story!
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Wow, giving a mobster a handy?  She's...certainly dedicated to the job.  Can't say Eurayle would go that far.  Or, well, be allowed to.
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MyNameIsArchieHobbyist General Artist
I love this. Kudos to you for your artwork and to :iconsoviet-superwoman: for the story.

Since American Mom has already encountered Darkstar (who was formerly a patriotic superhero) and Prodigy (another American-patriotism-base meta, albeit an evil one), I can't wait for her to interact with the Crimson Conservative. That will be a hoot to read!!
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Thank you, indeed!

But seeing what Connie's doing at the Hypercon, AM is not going to be too happy...

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