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Alrighty, then. :iconadrianvonnightshade: tagged me to find out a bit more about my OC American Mom. So here goes:

1) American Mom is a mistress of disguise, not just a patriotically-themed powerhouse. She is not a shapeshifter in the traditional morphing sense like Mystake or the Skrulls, but uses synthetic skin mask and bodysuit disguises, limited shapeshifting to alter her height and size, amazing vocal mimicry and acting skills to almost perfectly impersonate other people. She doesn't just streak across the skies, visible from miles away while her theme song blares in the background. She could be in the same room as you, and you'd never know it until she revealed herself. She doesn't just barrel headlong into situations and punch things. The principle here is, by suddenly ripping off her disguise in front of an opponent and shocking (or arousing, lol) them, it induces a freeze/fight or flight adrenal dump response (most people mistake blood rushing away to the extremities and emptying bowels and bladders ahead of flight or fight as sheer pants-wetting terror and freeze up) which gives her ample time to disarm or disable bad guys or hit them with her 'Maternal Voice'(see item 8 below).

2) As 'Freedom', she joined the US Army Women's Army Corps(W.A.C.)  to serve during WW2, with the rank of captain, stationed in England (mostly) under the 8th Air Force, US Army Air Corps(later Air Force). It took the military an entire year to decide what to do with her, despite the obvious advantage of having a superheroine who could lift battleships and sneak into enemy facilities in disguise, because women weren't supposed to serve in a front-line capacity. They finally deployed her as a heavy bomber escort to counter the Luftwaffe's Todesengel Brunhilda who was busy savaging American strategic bombing raids. Most folks wanted to dissect her and steal her powers, but FDR personally intervened to have her put on the front lines (though in a defensive role) as a morale booster.

3) Freedom was used not only in a defensive capacity to protect B-17 bomber raids, but offensively by the OSS/SOE to infiltrate Occupied Europe in disguise and raise hell, either by rescuing POWs or destroying enemy facilities. She was used prior to Operation Overlord in raids against Southern France to further convince the enemy that the Allied invasion of Western Europe would take place there. The OSS helped her to create her lifelike mask disguises, which she later perfected with her own formula.

As if that wasn't enough, Freedom was also tasked with entertaining the troops in USO shows(impersonating famous celebrities like Marlene Dietrich singing 'Lili Marlene'), and conducting war bonds tours Stateside, which meant that she spent half of the time away from the frontlines and her primary duties. AND providing security or acting as human target for top Allied leaders like Ike and Patton. 

4) Carol originally trained to be a lawyer, graduating from Harvard's Radcliffe College before the war. But being something of an overachiever, she excelled in acting, theater, linguistics, certain sporting activities and various academic pursuits unrelated to law (Mary Sue, anyone?)

5) She was a popular pinup girl during WW2, but various depictions of her show her with different hair and less Amazonian build than she actually had to conform to the prevailing standards of beauty in the 1940's.

6) Carol is of German and Native American(Omaha Indian) descent. She derives her superpowers from an irradiated meteorite sent to Earth by a faction of the Vril in 1918 which was discovered by Carol's parents. Carol's mother was pregnant at the time and was infused with the Vril powers, which were passed on to Carol. The Vril wanted to prepare Earth for possible future conflicts with alien or interdimensional forces. Certain factions in what would later become Nazi Germany thru Maria Orsic's Vril Society (who had established contact with this advanced alien civilization) wanted to use Vril science to create supersoldiers in their plan of world conquest (in fact, Todesengel Brunhilda's mother was a member of Orsic's inner circle). Other Vril opposed this, and in order to cancel out the future German supersoldier program they gave similar powers to Carol, who would go on to become 'Freedom' during WW2.

7) Carol is vulnerable to the supernatural and certain energy attacks, but not lycanthropy(does she have werewolf blood? Hmm). She encountered Pele in Havai'i and the Wendigo in Canada in the 1930's (much to the horror and eternal regret of the cannibal ice giant).

8) As unofficial mother of the nation (hence her name) she aspires to uphold, embody and represent the values of what make her country truly great, inspire others to do their best, and be a mentor to younger heroes. Compassion, concern for others, honor, service and selflessness- these are principles she lives by. The preservation of life is her primary concern, followed by freedom and justice for all. She has a Doctor Who-esque Sonic Screwdriver in the form of her 'Maternal Voice' which allows her to disable weaker-willed opponents without having to throw a punch. Doesn't always work ;p

I say thee 'TAG'!
1) :iconfreedom-legion: Lady Lycan
2) :iconlady-quantum: LQ, of course
3) :iconsoviet-superwoman: Jane Smith, a.k.a Prodigy
4) :iconblackronin72: Agent X
5) :iconfrokamen: Sable or Dreadnaught
6) :iconsligking: Victoria Veil
7) :iconshanna1600: Shanna
8) :iconbadgrrls: Rebelette

Feel free to ignore this hyah tag
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