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Book Release and Farewell
They say that all good things must come to an end, and so too it now goes for Johnny Flamethrower. It's been a grand run, but we've taken this particular exploration as far as we can, some may even say too far. In any event, we're calling it quits here at Team Flamethrower and galloping into the sunset in search of new artistic horizons. Johnny Flamethrower has officially retired. We're removing our DA images and replacing them with a scant few composites culled from various images over the years, a gentle reminder of days gone by. Deviant Art was a fine time for us, instrumental in many ways to our artistic development, but it's heyday h
Dear JohnnyFlamethrower
Dear JohnnyFlamethrower, We noticed that you are no longer a Premium Member. Would you mind taking a moment to let us know why? Thanks, DA ----------- Dear DA, In answer to your query: When I first joined this site, it was an impressive, one of a kind community. There were artists from all walks of life, all skill levels, and the spirit of true artistic expression permeated my every interaction here. It affected me so deeply that I went out, secured my very first camera, and began generating images of my own. That was a little over four years ago. In my first two years as an artist, I made hundreds of wonderful friends, scored three
Random Observations
1. While the average American male is four times more likely to cheat on his spouse than she is, she is ten times less likely to actually refer to what she has done as "cheating". 2. When it comes to erotic photography: unless the person behind the camera is a smoking hot model, nobody ever, ever, ever really wants to see the photographer in the frame, neither in part, nor in whole. 3. On seeing a striking photograph, a viewer is four times more likely to compliment a model than a photographer,  ten times more likely if the aforementioned viewer happens to be a photographer as well. 4. There is not now, nor will there ever be, any justifia


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C-E-R-I-D-W-E-N's avatar
I have missed you my brother. I hope you are well <3
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bloodbytes General Artist
You will be missed...:glomp::peace: Best of luck on your future endeavors :heart:
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Killer bunnies!?!?! I looooove fluffy killer bunnies with bomb carrots. :flirty: :heart: :flirty: :heart:
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Great, powerful gallery, thank you for sharing :)
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reflectedgloryProfessional Photographer
Just discovered your gallery and have to congratulate you; a really outstanding body of work.