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So if most of you follow Dez, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. If you have no idea, then here's a great place to be informed. But for the hell of it, I'ma throw my two cents into this since I had to deal with him as well.

The guy is Bmurphy15 on youtube & Bran And Klaus - Case Solvers on steam. Basically for quite some time he's been stalking Dez & Tails on TF2, and to a lesser extent me & Zonic. Basically he wants 'revenge' because we won't give him a second chance for all the shit he's done about a year ago. What he 'forgets' is that we gave him more chances than he deserved. Hell if I had to estimate, I'd say we gave him at least 9-10 chances. But basically it was the same shit, so i'm not going to go to much into it. But basically for a while we stopped playing TF2 because of him. Later on down the road, we start it up again because why not, and then he joins us and then it's right back to what happened a year ago. He seems to have an unsettling fascination with Dez and keeps on calling her "Dezzy" even after her boyfriend, us, and herself told him to stop, but he kept on flirting with her.

Now before you say "Oh why didn't you just move to another server?" Thing is, we tried that. He just keeps following us even when we all have our profiles on private and changed our names on steam. Bottom line, he's a creep who needs to be locked up somewhere. I could go on and on into full detail about how he's 27 and still thinks characters like sonic, tails and such are real or that he thinks bringing rp into a serious conversation will help him or that he thinks just changing his voice slightly counts as a different person all together, but I think I've said enough. Here's the video he posted basically saying 'im done with you meanines':

Trust me from past 
experiences, he is far from done with stalking us. He's said stuff like this many times before. So I doubt this is the truth.
Also he'll delete your comments on the video if you post them. So free free to copy and paste your comment on the video in the journal comments below. Or prtscn them, whatever works for you.

Here's some of his accounts so if you want, can report him:
Youtube page:
Steam account 1:…
Steam account 2:…
Twitter account:
Deviantart page: brandonmurphywsg21.deviantart.…
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yeah he was stalking me 
one time he was calling me racial Slurs 
but i blocked him pretty much on every social media he follows me on except my devianart hah 
he gave me a message but thank god i removed him before all that shit went down 
I remember this guy, I was his victim for a while last year, pulled the same business following me from tf2 server to server calling me names and raging over mic. Oh lol if you check out his Brandon d gentlespy account on steam he rages about me a bit in his bio.
I guess I'm the new target.
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He's stalking you now?
Yeah, I stopped streaming for a week, but he found out all of my private information. I streamed a little bit yesterday and he didn't seem to show up though. 
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Did you happen to block him? He tends to stalk women on twitch too. He can't play tf2 right now cause his computer got toasted. Don't know how, he probably punched it when he was getting salty on tf2 and broke something.
That's hilarious. I blocked him on everything.
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That isn't gonna stop him. He'll most likely find another way
He's currently stalking and harassing me and a number of my Twitch regulars and has been for a few months.  If anyone is still being stalked by him, please feel free to message me.
add me on steam dev usrname
holy crap he tried to invetigate me he even asked for faceboo but luckily i didnt have one
add me on steam its my dev username 
holy crap he investigated me but turns out he got a false report though he did ask ro my facebook and skype
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Yes it is horrible, Karatarana. It has been two months now and it is just insane. Here a few more videos of this nut…
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God that is horrible...
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Have you guys seen this one from a year ago? Sadly this has been going on way to aften…
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Creepy isn't ?
Still daily encounters with Bran, and have not heard anything from steam. 
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Well, Brandon is stalking me now. Hey Johnny, is it alright if me and my friends play on the server that you and your friends play on that Brandon is blocked on cause I don't want my friends to go anywhere near that lunatic
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I have many times reported on steam the stalking and Cyber bulling Brandon is inflicting on us, but so far after month and a half we have nor hear back from Steam and  he keeps bothering us every night.  He has found a way to track me down and found my Facebook account and personal information and today he has threatening me (via Facebook message even though he is not my friend in facebook) to reveal my personal information in game. I wish there was a way to stop this individual.

He tried today to be on my google circles, he subscribed you tube, this is a total nightmare. I feel so helpless and it bothers me to think that he is getting away with cyber-bulling so many people.
- This is what he wrote to me yesterday: Hello, so I see you 2 still haven't gotten my other message and if that's the case then fine ignore me however I'll tell every 1 what your guys name is and will be later on what your real name is and such so hope to see you in TF2 today K

- This is what he wrote last week:  I still hate you and your so called friends on TF2 okay so tonight when I come on home from Disability Resources & New 2 You Computers you best better get your game on because I'll be coming to give you a beat up
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Hes blackmailing people now? This can mean hes went from stalker to complete psychopath. This kind of insane behavior is enough for him to earn a page on encyclopedia dramatica.
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Holy shit. Ok I'd advice to go to the cops or something. He can get arrested for this. Take screen shots of this, get as much evidence as possible, and do what needs to be done.

I'm so sorry to hear about this. I hope everything turns out alright for you in the end
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Fun playing with you :) Too bad we are being constantly followed by Bran. 
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