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aaah! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
removed a lot of my older stuff from featured because I'm sick of seeing embarrasingly ancient art on the 'more by this artist' panel
man i just deleted a group gallery request by accident, didn't even have time to read the group name

that was dumb
why did no one tell me i buggered up the ellipsis in… with a comma

it must've been like that for... more than half a year now???

maybe i should feature something else but fuck even though i'm a much better artist now its still the favourite thing i've done
yep, I've decided to start running an askblog.…

It should be fuuunnn!
Would anyone be interested if I started doing pony commissions?

It'd be a good while until I'm able to, but I'd like to see if anyone likes the idea.
overall i think it's been a good year

finished high-school, developed a whole lot as a human being and made a huge amount of progress with my art

so that's pretty good
Well, that last journal entry is almost a year old now, and this one likely will be too by the time I replace it!

But yeah, second year of year 12. Etc.

Should scan and post more of my pencil sketches. Probably Wont.
I have decided that I'm gonna have to rant about Video-game music. Firstly though
A request done by Scribblesofdoom of my demon character. CONSIDER ME FILLED WITH HAPPINESS. You aaaalllll should watch her, seriously awesome art style.

Speaking of happiness:… The Concept Of Love - Jet Set Radio Future
This is the main menu track for JSRF and manages to be exactly what the rest of the game; FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Incredibly corny yet awesome at the same time. Can't imagine any other track that'd be able to get you pumped for some rocket propelled rollerbladeing platforming racing graffiting fun.… Deep Night - SMT Devil Survivor
Devil survivor is a game I could be ranting at length about, but i'll try and hold myself back, just know its a fantastic DS RPG with tactical rpg elements. The first time you hear this track in the game is in the middle of a rather difficult battle: you have to protect some civillians, kill all the demons etc, nothing you haven't come across before and the regular old battle music is playing. Then partway through the battle the 'invincible god' whose been hyped up throughout this part of the game just appears. This music starts playing. Your objective suddenly changes from 'kill all demons' to 'run'. That whole 'invincible god' bit was not a lie. If you hear this… that means one of your characters is being attacked by him, you can stop worrying about saving them now; it's not gonna happen.
The theme gets used from here on for a couple of other bosses but the sudden mid-battle music change creates one of the most memorable 'OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT' moments I've seen for a while.… Debriefing - Metal Gear Solid 3
Long track that plays through the long ending cinematic for MGS3. SO. SAD. Best moment would be the buildup at around 3:18 to 3:44 leading into a reprise of the title track. DEAR GOD SO SAAAD. Yeah don't really need to say much about this, you dont need a great imagination to understand the awesomeness of this being used in the game's ending.
Feeling sad after that?… SNAAAAKKKEEE EAAATTTTEEERRRRRR! Yes the game was playing with spy movie tropes, why do you ask?… Run - Canabalt
Its a browser and iPod game, here play it now Really simple one button game, utterly fantastic atmosphere. Invasion shit is going down, buildings falling, ships flying past, giant mecha destroying crap and you're running from something. You never see what you're running from but this track makes me want to keep on running and never, ever stop. It'd make good gym music I suppose… My Heaven - Silent Hill
Final boss music. This final boss being Alessa/Cheryl/god?. I changed my mind THIS is the track that makes me want to run. Run away. Far, far Away. The games soundtrack contains other hits such as 'Kill Angels' 'Follow The Leader' 'Die' and 'Never End, Never End, Never End'. But hey, at least you're not fighting Alessa/Cheryl/YOURSELF/God eh?...… OHWAIT.… It is Finished - Mother 3
This plays after the final battle, using the 'Mother 3 Love Theme' thats been used throughout the rest of the game. SAAAAAAAAADNESS. Out of 250 tracks its difficult to pick out one as a favourite but I guess it should be a Love Theme track and this is probably the best (though you'll hear the time at least twice more before the credits finish).

tl;dr: Some videogame music is ace, it can be sad sometimes. This… is an awesome artist.
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Well I'm back from New Zealand, fucking fantastic holiday as long as my brain ignores the entire last week of it... god the north island is boring shit. I'm sure I'll talk about it at length to people in person.

Now onto far more important things. Before I left I finished a game, it was Mother 3 for the GBA, the sequel to the snes classic Earthbound/Mother2 that was never released outside of Japan. After finishing it I feel that not exporting it is by FAR Nintendos biggest failure above even Virtual Boy. TVtropes describes it as the closest games have gotten to literature and I totally agree. Thank god a fan translation exists, heck its probably a higher quality translation then an official one would be.

The plot seems at first like your basic JRPG 'something happens to kid then he has to save the world' plot with the charm and humor that's characteristic of the mother/earthbound series but it quite quickly becomes clear that this is a far darker game. Giving away any details would be huge spoilers, like... even stuff that happens in the first hour of the game would be pretty major but rest assured, you wont know whats going to happen next.

The game investigates the relationships of the family unit, brotherly rivalry, the alienation fast development of technology can bring, the ties between Player and Player Character, how tragedy affects different people and the deeper motivations behind heroic characters. It does all this with far less text then your average plot heavy RPG contains, using the Video Game medium to its full effect, battles containing more meaning then it'd first seem.

The soundtrack is spectacular, using recurring themes near constantly and its the only THING I can think of in any media that uses musical foreshadowing...

The battles system is great, no random battles, pacing very well thought out (you wont really have to grind if you dont plain avoid battles) and finally the ending actually made me cry. Something I've never done watching a movie, reading a book or ANYTHING else.

So... yeah PLAY THIS GAME! Or atleast watch a Lets Play of it (this… one is supposedly fantastic) The games tagline really sums it all up perfectly 'Strange. Funny. Heartrending.'

Also I need somebody to discuss the game in detail with... seriously the theories that can be made...

WELL I've been needing to write that for about a fucking month. I'm off to play Modern Warfare 2, or maybe Dragon Age, or maybe STALKER, or maybe Penumbra, Or maybe R6Vegas2, or maybe Disgaea 2 OH DEAR LORD I DONT HAVE TIME TO DO THIS BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS ENDS AARHRHRHGGGH. Plus I still need to fucking watch The Prisoner...

oh also you cant appreciate how much other ice coffees suck until you cant have Farmers Union for a month... dear god...
Someday I'll be bothered to do a picture with a real background... someday...
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Just an empty journal entry to get the other off my page...

Nothing to see here.
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Ok... well im writing a journal on deviantart, through a crappy homebrew app, on my nintendo ds... how freaking NERDY!

anyways, i should probably plug another non-shite ds app, colors, the art ive made with it should hopefully be uploaded tomorrow...

unless i can upload it through this... h
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I'm about to upload about half a years worth of sketches.
There's much more but this is only the stuff that was both good and that I could find. I've split them into 6 different images each with several smaller sketches in them.

Tell me if there's any you think i should do digital versions of XD


grr it just totally rapes the colour of things
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yeah... totally.

Oh yeah and Sacred Stone have converted me to Christianity... totally.
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Whooooo! I've got another pen nib!

I borrowed one off :iconscottapotamas:until i can be buggered finding someplace that sells new ones.
I lost my pen tablet nib... somehow.

So you wont be seeing any digital art from me in a while... i should scan some sketches

altho i never told people i was leaving on here...
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I am absolutely failing to do ANY artwork... The only time I really feel inspired to do any artwork is when I'm flooded with homework... NOT a good work ethic.

I'm probably going to upload the art I've done in school this term soon as soon as i can actually remember to save it to my usb/ take a picture of it (having two art subjects in one semester is sooooo good XD)
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Well I just Wanted to get the previous entry out of the way sooo......    cookies...
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