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Maxan Trever Burton

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A Re-design of better look of Maxan Trever Burton due to diffculty, what he really look like..

He was bit influence and inspired to Pokemon anime rival characters such as we know off: Gary Oak, Paul, few others in the Pokemon anime series. Actually it little bit inspired of Maxan that he is a love-freak than "Brock" from the Pokemon anime counterpart which Maxan personality is very difference than the actual Brock of the pokemon anime, the name call to "Maxan" is dedicated to the original and first fewer pokemon oc human trainer that they were pervert characters years ago since they were created since 2007 is dedicated to my original pokemon oc pervert that I used to have him and a incest sister love also, but not anymore solded them since 2015, Maxan was originally would been call Max - but due to my previous pokemon oc trainer that I solded him since 2015- he used to date fewer pokemon female trainer; but as naming after Max with "an" is to pay a tribute of my pervert pokemon ocs, and Maxan is SFW pokemon oc trainer. He does not look like Jasper.

He can be in a relationship with the canon pokemon female character only/ heroines, and other female canon character also depending.

Gender: Male
Age: 14-19, 20-23
Hair: Blonde
Love Interest: Misty (Pokemon Anime), Team Skull Girl, Mimi (Digimon Tri Reunion), Plumeria (Pokemon), Courtney (Pokemon Ruby & Saphirre Omega), Elesa (Pokemon), Team Skull Grunt Girl
Relationship: Open

Background story:
Maxan Trever Burton is one of the members of Team Rocket origination, he is your everyday big-time hater of any heroes/ and male pokemon trainer that he soft off dislike them. He is rival to only canon character of pokemon trainer and civilian depends those, he has a open relationship with only the pokemon human female character and he does not care nothing less for the good guys.. He is my third team rocket grunt ocs alonside Ally Zacharson and Markein also, he is basically a rival type of character to pokemon trainer and he is in a open relationship to all pokemon female characters that he is in love with - which he is a loverboy, he was a low-class person in regular town in Viridian City area and he has a difficult childhood - that some kids use to mess him, bully/ bug him, that no one didnt give him a chance to be friends with the kids of the area or play with them or pokemon battles;; his family are very lovely and caring and they were well-educated people and they means alot of support for there child, they came to a poor small downtown of Viridian Cityl however Maxan left Viridian City and joined Team Rocket to get his vengeance to the kids who use to pick on him and bug him in a bad way due to his terrible childhood. He is blonde doofus and he supported Team Rocket all the way and have great respect to his job/ the origination and "The Boss" aka Giovanni.  He's big hater of heroes/ pokemon trainer and he is a loverboy/ player and his relationship are only open and he is a multi-shipper person. 
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