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Coloring page of my comic book cover. by aenaluck Coloring page of my comic book cover. :iconaenaluck:aenaluck 2,735 193 Day of the Dead Harley Quinn on Merc Magazine by jamietyndall Day of the Dead Harley Quinn on Merc Magazine :iconjamietyndall:jamietyndall 1,043 37
Spiritdragon - The Errand Boy
H. B. Boulton
Chronicles of the Order
Text and cover copyright © 2016 Helen.B.Boulton
All Rights Reserved
This novel is an entire work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locations is entirely coincidental.

CHAPTER 1 - The Errand Boy
Death and Outcasts went hand in hand like old friends.
    It wasn’t typical for most people to be so associated with death, but Jamie Craine had a full membership to the ‘I almost got killed today’ club. Every Outcast was a member of this exclusive enterprise – whether it was desired or not. Some thrived on the knife-edge of existence. Many sought safer terrain on the breadth of an ever-shrinking continuation – on an unlit road in the ashes of the old so
:iconthecreatorseye:TheCreatorsEye 31 23
Let Sleeping Bags Lie
“Mabel,” said Frederic. “My sleeping bag has woken up.”
Mabel looked up from the campfire and frowned. “Has it?”
“Yes,” said Frederic. “Apparently its consciousness has been raised, and it’s now fighting back against the oppression of merely being used as my bedding.”
The sleeping bag hopped out of the tent.
“Be afraid, foul tyrants! For retribution is close at hand!”
It fell over.
Mabel shook her head. “I don’t understand what’s got into you. Nobody else’s sleeping bags carry on like this.”
“Oh, you don’t understand, do you?” The sleeping bag raised its opening. “Well, perhaps I’d better explain, then. Perhaps I’d better explain how you two came into Camping Surplus and bought my beloved—the only bag I’d ever loved—and took it away from me.”
“Oh! You mean my sleeping bag?” said Mabel.
:iconscfrankles:SCFrankles 9 15
Order and Chaos (FFM 17)
Order watched as she did it. Watched as, with all the inevitability of time, she tore it down again. He’d tried his best, but he was nowhere near good enough. With clipboard in hand and badge on chest, Order had planned carefully this next design of his, a perfect empire, meant to last a hundred thousand years. And yet still… she had taken it down in only fifty.
She was the crowbar to his badge, the matchstick to his clipboard. Everything his authority built up, her ingenuity tore down. Everything his papers planned, her matches burned. He could design walls too strong to be smashed, but she’d pry them apart and set the insides ablaze. He could build layers upon layers of fireproofing, but she’d break them with one single swing and send them spiraling into rubble. Every time. EVERY time he built something, she would follow. She was the inevitable, she was the destruction. She was entropy and ruin, she was his arch-nemesis and the one that gave him purpose
:icononlinedpaper:OnLinedPaper 8 9
Love through a Veil
As it turns out, some people end up with jobs in the afterlife. Mine happens to be guiding tours around an old ghost town, which is probably the best job ever for an actual ghost. See, nobody minds if I haunt the place a little when business gets real slow. Saloon doors, swinging in an absent breeze, or old stairs creaking on their own under slim silver moonlight? It’s a ghost town. That’s all part of the atmosphere, and the tourists have learned to expect a few hauntings. I like it most when scared kids have dared each other to sneak around after hours. All I have to do is slam a door shut or rock an empty rocking chair and they’re gone like their mothers caught them out past bedtime. It makes the security guy’s job about ten times easier, and it’s good for business if they go home with a ghost story of their own.
I meet some pretty cool tourists, too. As long as I don’t brush my fingers against theirs, they don’t suspect I’m anything ot
:iconbornwiththesun:BornWithTheSun 76 61
Three Planets in Eighteen Years
It started with the vaccines.
I was eight years old. My dad sat me down in a chair at our kitchen table, cleaned off my arm with an alcohol wipe and jabbed me with a needle.
“Dad! Ow! What was that for?”
He managed to smile, but I could see that he was struggling. “These are vaccines, and you’re gonna need them, kiddo. You’re going on an adventure soon. We’re gonna take the spaceship out and you’re gonna go somewhere new. These will keep you from getting sick.” He emptied the syringe into my skin and reached for another needle. “Be brave for me, Jaiu.”
I held my breath and squeezed my eyes shut tight as he gave me the next vaccine. When I peeked through slitted lids, I could see that his lips were pressed into a line and his eyebrows drawn together tight. That meant asking questions was a bad idea, so my question about where we were going rattled around my head, unanswered.
A month later he was packing me into the family s
:iconbornwiththesun:BornWithTheSun 12 28
reading vampire girl - octokuro by octokuro
Mature content
reading vampire girl - octokuro :iconoctokuro:octokuro 688 19
WW2: The fear of Europe by Phobs WW2: The fear of Europe :iconphobs:Phobs 2,256 207 ballpen bodyscape by caratulion ballpen bodyscape :iconcaratulion:caratulion 122 38 Aphrodite by Scebiqu Aphrodite :iconscebiqu:Scebiqu 1,428 101 bodymusic by belovodchenko
Mature content
bodymusic :iconbelovodchenko:belovodchenko 167 8
Wherearethesnakes3 by Hachimitsubani Wherearethesnakes3 :iconhachimitsubani:Hachimitsubani 244 4 Super Robot Mayhem - Ulysses color take by bordon Super Robot Mayhem - Ulysses color take :iconbordon:bordon 65 0 Commission - Gia - Black and White by Aphrodite-NS
Mature content
Commission - Gia - Black and White :iconaphrodite-ns:Aphrodite-NS 138 10
Sakura's Delivery Service by BeliVinetsu Sakura's Delivery Service :iconbelivinetsu:BeliVinetsu 362 23


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'am not a magnificent artist, but I would like to be... Anyway. I've been creating pictures on paper with pencils or with ballpoint ink pens since I was a shambling toddler, until my adolescent years -- such terrible years. Afterwards, my adolescent years was over and now, I'm a stable mind (but it took a trip to a mental hospital to help sort and control my inner demons from lashing out again). Since being released from the hospital, I been creating art again, only on my spare time.

The type of music I listen to: Metal, Thrash, Nu-Metal, Industrial, Punk, Stoner, Death Metal (and its sub-genres), Doom (and its sub-genres), Black Metal (and its sub-genres), Grindcore (and its sub-genres).

Feel free to add me on Facebook. I only use it for its entrainment values, and my friends forced me to create one.


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