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Ode to the Old Gods


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Ode to the Old Gods


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cosmos on the cob


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Saturn's plathings

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Kirby in Space

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World Turtle

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Mother Earth

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Meme (Mind Blown) [V1]


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Season No. 5

Nature - Animals - Insects

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Spirited Away: Haku the Dragon - handmade Necklace


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Red Velvet Cake Cones

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     I feel myself drifting into a dark abyss, into a realm full of untold secrets and mysteries not yet unraveled.  Deeper and deeper I drift until there is nothing but black.  It’s an uneasy feeling.  I see nothing, hear nothing and have no way out.  That’s when I notice the landscape changing around me.  Red, sandy cliffs jut from the red, sandy soils and a low, orange-pink glow shines from the horizon. At first the landscape is peaceful, almost as if I was on another planet but then this sense of urgency sets in.  I need to find a way out.  Turning in tight circles I search for anything that could help and with no luck fear be

Original fiction

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Cabin Fever Chapter 001

“This is all your fault, you know.” “SILENCE! Z-Zim has done nothing t-to cause this horrible d-downpour of frozen i-ice water.” “Are you cold?” “Guys, I don’t think now is the best time to be arguing over whose fault it is that we’re stuck in here. Looks like the weather’s picking up outside and we won’t be leaving this cabin anytime soon.” *Sigh* “I guess you’re right. We should really be trying to figure a way out of here.” QQQQQ Dib watched from his bedroom window as gray storm clouds rolled their way in over the town, threatening to cover ever


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WIP ZO Easter Pic

Invader Zim

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Steven Universe

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Not enough tea for this


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Braids and Bonds - Outlines

Stargate Atlantis

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~Butterfree~ -Gift Art-

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How to THINK when you draw DETAILED INTERIORS!


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Autistic guide to AA month

So, I made this list last year for a different platform, but with it being "Autism Awareness" month again, figure it'd be okay to put it up here too with a few edits. We're always trying to head off misinformation this time of year, and I know a few people here also on the spectrum, so it'd be great to hear your thoughts too, if you happen to read this. :) Obviously this list doesn’t cover everything, and it’s just from my experience, but I hope it helps someone. 1. Autism is a natural genetic occurrence - AKA. definitely not a result of vaccines or bad parenting! 2. It’s also not a mental illness - see above. 3. There


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Protected by Elves stamp


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Draw this again (2018)


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Diaspore #1117

Worldbuilding and ref sheets

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