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Western Island (A Morrowind Mod)

6th of May 2015 Update — I’m sorry to say that there’s a minor over-sight in this mod where a grave appears before it should. I tried fixing the script, but it still didn’t seem to correct the error. The problem is purely a visual thing, and it won’t affect your game in any other way. If you want to attempt to fix the issue yourself for your own game, the script is: JMKWeIsLadyDeadCheck.

UPDATE! — I listened to some suggestions of :iconericthered1090: and added in a few more rocks in strategic places, where the land was a bit rough or seemed a bit “edgy,” plus I smoothed out the edge near the manor, a bit by the bridge, some rough land along the water channel and a couple of other minor areas.

Well, here it is after 3 months: Western Island, my new Morrowind plug-in which I’ve been slaving over. If you want to play it, you will need Tribunal and Bloodmoon installed too. To start, make your way to Ashurnibibi on the west coast, and look for a new chap next to a shack upon some rocks. He will take you to Loroneth Island. Or you can always swim there, and save a few pieces of gold.
New items include bowls of soup, which you can drink, Varla and Welkynd Stones, like in Oblivion, new robes, cloths, a new repair hammer and a brilliant magical ring.
I can’t be certain if this will conflict with the Morrowind dealie of Tamriel Rebuilt, so consider yourself warned about that. Obviously it’s compatible with all my own plug-ins.
There are 8 individual quests, although some are only available after others are started. One also requires the main quest to be started, and then you need to finish it before you can complete the main quest as well. Depending on how fast you can get around, find things and know where stuff is in Morrowind, your play time will vary. But I reckon you should get about 2 hours out of it. I took over 1.5 hours during testing, and that was cheating as well to speed things up.
This is under Mature Content, because of the book, The Grove. I also recommend installing Sunken Pirate Base first as well, which is where the book originally came from.
If you think the Varla and Welkynd Stones are good enough, you may ask to use them in your own plug-ins. With credit of course. It should be credited to Bethesda for coming up with the originals as well.
More information is in the Read Me file in the archive. :-)
© 2014 - 2022 JohnK222
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Hey, did you see that your mod was featured on the Morrowind Modding Showcases YouTube channel!?…