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Thugs And Louts (For Morrowind)

(This is a plug-in for TES 3: Morrowind.)
Thugs & Louts have come to Morrowind. Lurking crooks, looking for the unsuspecting traveller. They're not necessarily weaker than you either. So this is aimed at the jaded higher end character, looking for a challenge. There are 20 variations of these criminals, and they appear in 62 locations across Vvardenfell. If you have Tribunal & Bloodmoon, you can use a different version which adds a bonus one to Solstheim also.
Due to suggestions at Planet Elder Scrolls, I also included 2 other versions of this, more suited to lower end characters. Although I still recommend the original. Make sure you only use one of the ESP files, and stick with that.

(Tribunal & Bloodmoon are optional.)
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