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My own joystick that I made for my MacBook. But it'll work with any computer that supports a USB keyboard. I just called it the JohnStick. :-P The wooden part is actually an old cutlery box, and it's quite large, so I spaced things out a bit to make it comfy. It's a Sanwa joystick dealie, and 8 main arcade style buttons. Not sure what brand they are. I kinda just went for a Neo Geo colour layout for the bottom ones. There's also a 9th one for Start and a little bonus one from Jaycar, which isn't a typical arcade style button at all. It's all connected up to an Ultimarc I-Pac 2 gizmo, which appears to the computer as a keyboard, although it works better than a real keyboard would. Yep, that's about it.
Questions and comments are welcome. :-)
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I also went for the Neo Geo colour scheme for the buttons, but I had to go my own way for colour usage with the 6-button version.