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Sunken Pirate Base (A Morrowind Mod)

ANOTHER UPDATE! Blimey, this must be the buggiest mod I did for Morrowind. I found another cock-up with the Imperial guard in the prison. So I made another updated file for those of you who don't have this mod yet. If you do, you'd be best to just disable him if he comes back.

UPDATE! --------> This archive has been update with 3 fixes, but still includes the old version. You should now use the updated ESP file, which for new users, will correct the problem below, a script error and a typing mistake as well. :-)

(This is a plug-in for The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. You will need Tribunal + Bloodmoon installed as well.)
Sunken Pirate Base lets you mingle with a group of pirates known as the Green Leather Club. Mostly underwater, their base resides not all that far from Sadrith Mora. (NNE from there at the co-ordinates of 18,8.) Take part in quests to obtain expensive items from prominent places, help out with a prison, raid a sunken ship, make use of a guest room, get blessings from a sailor, have your Skeleton Key repaired, pay up to 6 dancers to change their clothes and get your bounty lifted for a third of the cost! Also ride a lift, check the time on a clock in the floor and get yourself some various coloured lights as well.
Now, just download and enjoy! The Read Me file contains more information about installing etc.

Top Left: Part of the Grand Hall, the most elegant location in the base. Featuring several new items as well.
Top Centre: The “Death Pit!” Where the worst prisoners end up. Has 6 buttons to activate various built in attacks, so you don't get your hands dirty. Although reflected damage seems to get you in trouble.
Top Right: The “honeymoon” suite. A romantic bedroom with a few suggestive items for hot young lovers! ;-)
Bottom Left: The shaft lift. (Elevator if you prefer.) Press the call button on the wall, and it'll move up or down. Has sound effects and an emergency reset button in case I overlooked something, and it severely screws its own position up. I made the shaft by flipping the exterior Imperial tower mesh inside-out.
Bottom Centre: The Nifty Nellie, docked at the main tower. See that woman on the deck? She's your key to entering the tower. Below the water, near the green pyramid lamp, is a teleporter, which is enabled later.
Bottom Right: The 24 hour clock and alchemist woman, with her bubbling cauldron, which includes randomly chosen, respawning potions.

(This is put under Mature Content here because of the suggestive books that are included.)

There is a slight oversight on my part to do with one of the quests which you may choose to fix yourself. Once you bring back the plate for Hermeria, she won't actually take it from you, and it will remain in your inventory. If you want to give it to her, AFTER that part of the quest, it's a simple matter of opening the console (usually with the ` key) and typing in:

Player->RemoveItem "JMKSPBPhenoPlate" 1
JMKSPBHermeria->AddItem "JMKSPBPhenoPlate" 1

She will then end up with the plate in her inventory. If you don't want to bother with that, you can keep it, or put it down on the table. :-)
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