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Solstheim Lighthouse

(This is a plug-in for TES 3: Morrowind. You will require Bloodmoon obviously to play it.)
With ships and boats coming to Solstheim from Vvardenfell, the necessity of a lighthouse seemed an important factor. So here is one. :-P I wanted something that looked a bit different to the one in Seyda Neen, which you could just slap straight in as it is. Plus I wanted it to go nicely with Fort Frostmoth. I opted for a mystical looking aqua flame for the fire, which was used in Castle Karstaag, I think. It stands out, and I think it's quite pretty.
There are 3 areas - the downstairs keeper's quarters, the upstairs room - which is for YOU, and the tower + corridor. Any containers you find apart from the downstairs main area, are for your use. They'll hold 90000 weight units.
Also inside, is Frilli, a pleasant Nord woman, who was once a successful merchant. She seems to've overlooked the details of working in a lighthouse, and that nobody is coming to visit her. She has a few interesting items for sale, and will buy anything apart from clothes. (Frilli has 15000 gold pieces to spend on you as well.)
This is my 1st mod with dialogue, so I hope I got it all right before I unleash it on you all. Heh heh. I did read some important tutorials and warnings about what you shouldn't do, so it should be all good. The Read Me file will tell you more.
I hope you enjoy it, if you decide to do a download. Please comment if you like it or want to ask questions.
(DA doesn't really have a game addition category, so this had to go somewhere else.)
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