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Signs Of Morrowind by JohnK222 Signs Of Morrowind by JohnK222
Give your loot collection a little bit more organisation with signs for most types of weapon and armour combinations, signs for the other categories in Morrowind, such as clothes, soul gems, alchemy equipment and what not. Use 36 letter and number blocks for more custom notes. You’ll also find a strange looking combination candle and letter block holder. ;-) There are 2 styles of “My House” signs to point out your properties — especially handy in towns where you’ve taken over more than one place. :D
You can buy 2 styles of door mats too! And, there’s a “marker beam,” similar to the more roughly designed ones in my Inner Depths 3 plug-in. It’s more like a Dwemer style gizmo, which is mostly a practical item to point out a location from a distance. “Ooh! Where did I drop that loot? Ah! There it is, because I can see that tall green beam!”
There are 5 arrows in addition to the other stuff, one being a smaller, horizontal arrow for tables / desks / benches.
Some items are scripted, allowing you to have more control over rotation too, so if you put something down, like the door mat, and it’s pointing the wrong way, you can rotate it, by activating it, and then choosing a rotation angle in 45° steps.
There is a catalogue available from the merchants who sell the other items, so you can always refer to it.
GMSTs have been cleaned out from the ESP file, so you are safe to go! Tribunal and Bloodmoon are not required, but some of the signs refer to things in them. Although it’s up to you what you want to buy.
You can buy the items from 4 locations in Vvardenfell: Ra’Virr: Trader, in Balmora, Mebestian Ence in Pelagiad, Malpenix Blonia: Trader at the Redoran Council Hall in Ald’ruhn (Under-Skar) & Tervur Braven at St. Delyn in Vivec. (Plaza.)
I hope you like this little quickie mod! :-) Hopefully there are no errors, since there isn’t much to it. :paranoid:
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September 9, 2017
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