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Scary Ruin



Update! — The RAR file contains a mistake. The directory called “Sounds” should be “Sound,” so you will need to go into the Sounds one in the archive, and drag the JMKScRu sub directory to your Sound directory under Data Files where you installed Morrowind.

What strange and spooky things lay deep within the ground beneath the peaceful exterior of Mzelch? When you first start out playing Morrowind, some of the tombs can be a bit scary, not knowing what’s around the next corner. My plug-in aims to add a bit more than the usual ghost or skeleton lurking. Strange deposits of ectoplasm ooze from the walls, books travel off the shelves, black mists obscure your view, and shadow people roam the halls. Preserved heads, a possessed chair, doors that open and close by themselves, and disembodied screams add to the creepy atmosphere. Faceless slaves, re-animated mummies, folks with glowing eyes and odd bonelord style ghosts that pass through the walls.
The main quest revolves around getting to the bottom of the corruption of the researches working there. Side quests involve finding items and even one which begins with a spectral skull. Expect to dive even further into the ground on this one! ;-)
Expect cool new Dwemer items, like a simple music box, which plays a little ditty, a portable Dwemer lamp, gears, ancient potions, the return of my Dwarven Mortar & Pestle from Dwarven Relic, and a rather strange, hand cranked piston like device.
Folks in Dagon Fel will also speak about the place, once you’ve been there, seeing as it’s south-east from there and its closely gathered collection of Dwemer ruins. Although, it’s closer really to the Ahemmusa Camp.
You may even find a small place to call your own, while you’re in the area, if you look up high, plus there’s a “shop” inside the ruin too.
The total play time I would say is probably a couple of hours or so, depending on how skilled you are, and if you have certain items with you already. Be sure to have some kind of levitation ability with you as well. :-) Chameleon spells and the like will also aid you of course.

Tribunal + Bloodmoon are required. My one bump mapped + transparent item should hopefully not cause troubles, as I’m providing textures that should work for variations in how video cards seem to do stuff. Oh, there is the blood too, hey? Yeah, well, that isn’t noticeably transparent anyhow. :D Hopefully all the bugs have been fully ironed out. I played through it again today, plus did a 3 day wait afterwards to check things re-spawned properly, and to see that the things which were moved, stayed where they were supposed to. I did some minor corrections afterwards with one iffy dialogue condition and a rewording of some speech.

The “Read Me” file will explain installation and more! Enjoy! :thumbsup:
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Im not sure if this is a problem on my side, but the audio goes a bit funky and then freezes. Just thought I'd drop that in, but I'll check my load order, ect.
Nice mod so far tho! :)