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Rudy - A Cute Game!



Update: You can now see a short sample video of this game right here.

Hooray! My Rudy game is complete. & hopefully cured of all the bugs that were in it. :bug:
It’s mostly like a Tate orientation shoot-’em-up. And you could probably play it like that if you’re OS supports screen rotation. I know it does in Mac OS X Leopard.
You guide Rudy around collecting good items, and zapping bad ones. And trying to avoid doing the opposite! There’s also another teddy bear pick-up, who gives you a shield.
At the end, you get a run down of what you shot and collected, plus your final score, accompanied by some funny sound effects.
If you have a “keyboard” style joystick, like my Ultimarc iPac 2 based one, this can be beneficial to play the game with. (This is a circuit you use for a joystick, but the computer recognises it as a keyboard instead. The Ultimarc one is very good, by the way. ;-))
If you’re interested, you can download it here. Like my other Mac programs, you will need a revision of Mac OS X that supports PowerPC programs. Specifically, Mac OS X Jaguar through to Snow Leopard. I can’t guarantee that the program will work in Mac OS 9, since it’s Carbonised, and I have not tested it for that either. I recommend a PowerPC G4 of 800 MHz or higher. G5s will suit it perfectly. It also runs well on my Intel CPU based MacBook.
I’ve also re-written some of it to reduce CPU load and hard drive accessing.
There are 2 versions to choose from. One which has just single shots at a time, and one that allows up to 3 shots. I wasn’t sure at the time how much more processing this would require, but it turned out to be insignificant.
The in-game raspberry sprite is courtesy of Chop-Stock here at DeviantArt. You can see the actual picture here.
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