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Prison Island (A Morrowind Plug-In)

Update: There’s a very minor oversight by me in regards to Pompio Gratarius, one of the inmates. If you speak to him about Hithinmor Prison before the warden sends you to him, he’ll think you’ve come to take him away. It shouldn’t affect the main quest if you kill him, because his script doesn’t update the journal. Also, the executioner won’t know anything, because he does check the journal quest level. So, just tell him to stay where he is, if you do happen to speak to him about the Hithinmor Prison topic. That said, I hope I didn’t overlook anything else.

So here at last, is Prison Island, which I’ve been working on & off on since May. Just after I finished Strange Grove, which I haven’t even played myself yet! :D
Anyhoo, you just mosey on down to Ebonheart, and catch a new boat on the south side of the dock to get to the prison. After that, a little “scene” will play out when you get to the top of the entrance section. There are 6 quests, one of which is the big main one, plus 5 mini quests too, which relate to the wanted posters. One of the quests can’t be started until you’ve started the main one.
During the main quest, you get the ability to arrest just about anyone, so if you feel somebody’s screwed you over in the game, you can take them to gaol. Although you should probably use a bit of common sense as to who you move, in case they’re related to some other quest.
There’s also an executioner, but he only works on the quest related stuff, so make the most of him. Then there’s the “Death Chamber,” which is fairly self-explanatory.
Also, if you get busted doing the wrong thing in the prison, that’s where you’ll get sent too. There’s a prison marker and evidence chest set up also.
The main area of the prison is at 7, -16 of the game’s co-ordinates, so south-west-ish from Bal Fell, and south-east from Vivec. Anything else you have in that area will be conflicted with. I tried to avoid anything from the Tamriel Rebuilt project regarding Morrowind, but since that’ll be done when my hair turns grey, I’m not so personally concerned about it.
If you find any issues with the plug-in, please let me know! Although I have tested this repeatedly to make sure it’s working correctly.
Oh yeah, and please read the “Read Me” file! :D

Top Left: The west side of the prison.
Top Middle: The front of the joint.
Top Right: The Upper North Wing. That window’s the one over the entrance door.
Centre Left: One of the inmates’ eating tables, and looking down the hall.
Centre Middle: A top down view of the prison.
Centre Right: The entrance area.
Bottom Left: The Infirmary.
Bottom Middle: The back of the prison complex.
Bottom Right: The Conjugal Visit Room.
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