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Skies Of Arcadia has some pretty freaky looking enemies, and the Polraxis is certainly one of the more obscure ones. These chappies appear in the ruined building towards the end of the lower part of Rixis. And by that, I mean, before the section where you chase that dude and rise up to the very top. ;-)
I think my rendition came out a bit more stretched vertically than the ones in the game. But then, they did have a tendency to stretch about. When they do a critical hit, they extend 5 sharp claws from their hands, which I wanted to show here. I also remembered the freaky dangly things underneath.
Overall this was a real pain in the butt to get started, (— you should’ve heard me swearing —) but it started to come together well in the end. I did more post-processing in Photo-Paint afterwards than usual. I was going to also have more of a bend to the lower body, with the sides curved downwards like in the game, but I had issues with the texturing on the spline mesh and then couldn’t recreate the curve so well once it’d been changed to a triangle mesh either. So it became more flattened at the top. I studied several screen shots and new bit of video that I captured last night to try to get some feeling of accuracy.
I also recreated the design on the floor to an extent, but in the finished product, you can only see a little bit of it! Perhaps I’ll recycle it for something else later.
Hope you like it! I think these are pretty nifty beasties in the game. :-)
Somebody else is no doubt doing one of these for the Arcadian Legends group, but I wanted to do this too, outside of their project.

(Made with Art Of Illusion, plus extra stuff in the Corel DRAW suite.)

(Skies Of Arcadia + the Polraxis belongs to Sega / Overworks.)
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Not a 3D mesh ?? Weep...