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Meet Me In Morrowind (A plug-in for Morrowind)

Update of sorts: I’ve sent an updated version of this to :iconericthered1090: for inclusion in the ModTown 2015 mod dealie. So, if you’re going to check that out, it may conflict with this, I would say, given the cell name and the IDs used.

This is your chance to meet me in Morrowind. ;P It’s totally against the lore of the game too, so you’ll want to check it out once and then disable it, I would say. ;-) It’s not intended to be in your saves permanently. You can read about stuff to do with me in reality, and in the game as well. Try your hand at a duel, or get me to follow you as a companion. My armour is exactly as I have it at the moment in the game, plus I have some of my weapons, and most of my spells as well. All my stats are how they are presently. The game AI doesn’t exactly make me fight as I would while I’m playing the game, but it is a bit of a challenge to defeat myself. :D
(You will need Tribunal + Bloodmoon installed also.)
This is a pretty small download, because there is only the ESP file. I used nothing else that isn’t provided with the game.
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Nice mod! I like such non standart companions with their own story, thanks)))
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Hey! Do you know about the ModTown 2015 project for Morrowind? I think it would be awesome if this was included as your modder claim. It's exactly the type of thing we're all working on!

The project is hosted here right now:…
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Hello! :-) I may've heard something about it. If I have time, I’ll see what the deal is.