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Lighthouses Of Vvardenfell

(This is a plug-in for Morrowind.)
Vvardenfell can be a dangerous place for ships and boats, so the lighthouse guild has to maintain several lighthouses around the coast. Visit them all while you’re out exploring, trade with the keepers and get transport in either direction to the next lighthouse along. Located in the more remote areas of the land, these places are great spots to get away from pesky monsters and villains, especially for low level characters just starting out.
Only Morrowind is required for this plug-in. So you don’t need to worry about Tribunal or Bloodmoon. (Yes it has been cleaned of GMSTs!)

1. Western Black Lighthouse
2. Eastern White Lighthouse - Keeper’s quarters
3. Khuul Guidance Lighthouse
4. Central Bitter Coast Lighthouse
5. Sheogorath's Black Lighthouse (next to Big Head's Shack!)
6. Western White Light
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I like how each lighthouse has it's own character. This looks like it could be a nice little addition to the game!