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JMK's Sapphire Mine (For Morrowind) by JohnK222 JMK's Sapphire Mine (For Morrowind) by JohnK222
This Morrowind plug-in adds a sapphire mine between Bal Isra and Maar Gan, and features several related quests as well. Since the mine was a source for local underground water, a nearby windmill was built there to help keep it pumped up into wells.
The main quest has 10 parts to it, and there are 6 other short quests as well. One doesn’t become available until you do a fair bit of the main quest.
Nearly everybody has unique dialogue, apart from most of the guards. Although the office guards have more specific things to talk about.
If you decide to get the plug-in, please check the “Read Me” file, which has tips and other things you should know.
I’ve added sapphires to Morrowind previously, with my 1st plug-in from 2012, and the ones in this are the same, but they’re most likely not the same as anybody else’s stuff. I think they might have had them in Tamriel Rebuilt, but I’m not going to put my life on hold while they try to finish that thing. :D

1. The windmill. Ash storms make it spin faster. Saboteurs make it stop. ;P
2. The boss.
3. A hidden place.
4. Some sapphire deposits are in dangerous locations.
5. This orc likes cooking when she has time.
6. The mine entrance & workers’ housing joint.
7. Some miners work up high.
8. On the top of the windmill.
9. Another place. :D (I don’t want to spoil any surprises.)
10. Inside the workers’ housing hut.
11. Inside the bottom of the windmill. The shaft on the right connects to the water pumps below. (Which you don’t actually see.)
12. Another miners’ sleeping area.

You will need Tribunal + Bloodmoon installed for this one. Sorry to those of you without them. If you’re one of those people who hates escorting people in the game, prepare to be tortured! :mwahaha:
There are a few new sapphire items, including weapons. I recommend one of my other ingredients plug-ins too.
I checked this right through yesterday & today, and it should be all good now with no stuff-ups. :-)
Just click the Download button, extract & play! :dance:
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abitoftaste Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2018
I'm liking it a lot, it's like a small but well done Redoran expansion quest mod, very nice to have as more or less only the LGNPC Redoran mods covered this well enough, other Redoran mods are mostly unfinished/not so well developed Thumbs Up 
JohnK222 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018
Thank you! :-) :dance:
abitoftaste Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2018
Nice! I'll play this soon :-)
JohnK222 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2018
I hope you like it. :-)
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August 1, 2018
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