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JMK's Ashlands Village

Well, here it is! My latest Morrowind plug-in / mod, Ashlands Village. Located at 4,1, it changes nothing about the landscape, but works a little village in to what's there. Quite a lot of people you meet there have a quest for you to do and there are plenty of cool new items, as is the trend with my plug-ins. ;-) Help with a prison, find a traitor, keep your mouth shut about a ruby mine, look at the view from a tower and activate a magical gateway to Caldera.
Top left: A view of the village when the ash storm had actually cleared.
Top right: The mirror room
Bottom left: Heria Beranmar's room
Bottom right: The middle prison cell. You can take a guess at what those 4 buttons will do.
As usual, you will require Tribunal + Bloodmoon. This one uses specific Tribunal scripting as well. Now, download and enjoy! Feel free to comment, and ask questions.

If you'd like the full version with the bonus programs which are related to the “encoded” messages, you can find it here, at my web site:…
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