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Inner Depths 5

UPDATE! I’ve updated the RAR file with a correction to a mesh being incorrect. IF YOU DOWNLOADED THIS PRIOR TO THE 20th OF JUNE, 2018, YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN! ;-) The problem file was CentuMace.nif in the meshes. Simply replace it, and it should be fine, or your game will crash when you try to use the weapon. I paid for it by losing 5 minutes of play too. If I find any more errors, I will report them here and make corrections. :-) Sorry to those of you who this affects. ^^;

Head underground for a bit of a “dungeon crawl” as you explore a variety of different, connected areas. Start from a ruined manor in northern Vvardenfell, then enter a smugglers’ cave. Here the choices branch out to a tomb or a bandit lair. A 3rd door will also become available once you find the other side of it from a Dwemer joint. Meet trolls, mummies and friendly will-o’-the-wisps. Take part in a new, rather simple Daedric quest which has a proper talking statue too. Get new items, including a bunch of new scrolls, a strange staff, a big mace and some nifty amulets. You can also head to a strange realm that was rediscovered by a group of Altmer nutters who are trying to increase their magical powers. They have quite a base set up with their own alchemy garden too. You can also get at least 4 new ingredients, and once you beat the boss or requirement for each major area, you will enable a teleporter back to the original manor. This is useful for dropping off loot and for reaching other zones again later.
I’ve also tried to work in more dual level areas, where you have upper walkways facing down to lower sections. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for hidden items and have your Detect Key spells handy! And because there’s only one new building out in the wild, your main Morrowind experience shouldn’t be overly affected.
Please check the “Read Me” file for important tips and how to install everything. Credits for the resources are also included in the same file.

1. The initial entry point. This is to the far north of Kogoruhn, on the coast.
2. A strange, glowing stone in Curnaburbris. What might it do?
3. The lower Rorandus Cavern section where smugglers lurk.
4. A Steam Centurion wanders the rusted floors, awaiting anyone intruding.
5. Nisithmi, the bandit lair.
6. The 2nd part of Narambani Tomb. Treasures may be found in several high places here.
7. Sarabuddina’s Lost Water Works — A once elegant, water themed place, now long forgotten and riddled with enemies.
8. Inside Rorandus Manor, the starting point in your journey. The place has been somewhat trashed and is now home to various critters and the odd smuggler passing through.
9. Altmer cultists wander about in Curnaburbris. Be prepared for opposition here!
10. A will-o’-the-wisp floats happily about near a large, glowing crystal in the mystical cave of Doranapli, where pretty, strange blue flowers grow and other goodies can be obtained.
11. The ancient, forgotton shrine, Senmuballit, the last place you can get to.
12. The realm “attached” to Curnaburbris. This peculiar place has a large dome covering the entire land, and has some weird items you can take back with you. I actually bothered to tint the landscape with vertex shading as well.

Some of the names I made up, were inspired by Assyrian & Babylonian rulers, much like a lot of other places which came with the game, that took inspiration from similar sources.

Lastly, you will need Tribunal & Bloodmoon installed to play this. ;-)
© 2018 - 2022 JohnK222
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Hiya.  I'm really interested in checking this out but I have a question.  Is it compatible with Morrowind Rebirth, at all?  Cheers. :)