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Fruit Shoot!



More news: You can now see a sample video of this game here.

Now updated to version 1.2, with a correction to the collision detection. ;-)

This is a sample collection of pics of my new Fruit Shoot! game for Mac OS X. I made it with inspiration from Air-Sea Battle on the Atari 2600, but I wanted to do something with fruit.
You can have 1 or 2 player games, using the keyboard. It should work on separate keyboards too. I tried it with my joystick, and it worked fine. (It’s detected as a keyboard.) Player 1 uses the up and down arrows to tilt the cannon, and player 2 can have custom keys. You can customise both players’ fire keys also. On my iMac G4, this was quite sluggish for some reason, so I added a less-CPU-intensive 30 frames per second option in the settings section. If you run it on an Intel CPU based Mac or a PowerPC G5, it will have no trouble running at the full 60 f.p.s. On mine it doesn’t anyhow. (22% CPU usage on the G5.)
If you have an appropriate Mac, you can download it here, currently. Space at my web site is getting a bit lower these days, so I may not host it there just yet. Especially when I have nearly all my Stash space doing nothing. The game should run on Mac OS X Jaguar, up to Snow Leopard.
There are 10 levels, and each one gets faster. Levels 1 to 5 and 6 to 10 have decreasing chances of higher value fruit, plus levels 8 to 10 also have indestructible bricks. There are also negative value smiley faces on levels 6 to 10. All the sounds are by me, but some of the fruit graphics are from free resources here at DA. The Read Me file will explain the credits to those people.
It’s also fairly easy to make your own fruit sprites for it and new backgrounds if you wish. The Read Me file explains that also. ;-)

Ooh, and also, if you fave this, please do so only if you’ve played it. I’d like you say, yes, I faved this because it was a cool game. Not for the screen shots I used to show you what it looks like. ;-)
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