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Dwarven Relic (A Morrowind Plug-In)



2nd UPDATE: I fixed up a pillar in Apolline’s house, which was not aligned properly. You will find a new ESP file in addition to the original, if you wish to use that instead. :-)

UPDATE: I've fixed a typo that Eric The Red pointed out to me. It was only like one letter, so if that’s significant to you, download this again. ;P

(With respect, please DON’T fave my mods / plug-ins unless you’ve actually PLAYED them!)

So here is my Dwarven Relic plug-in, which I started on in February 2013. It’s based around :iconmysoulshards:’s Dwemer Artifact / Dwarven Relic, and she gave me permission to make it into an actual item for Morrowind. ;-) You find a woman in Balmora who deals in Dwemer related items, and wants an escort home, because she feels uncomfortable around the guards who are growing suspicious of her. (What with all Dwemer items belonging to the Empire, and trading being illegal.) Once you get under way, she mentions a strange amulet that she’s recently picked up, and wants you to investigate it, since she reckons you’re apparently unknown to the law in terms of trading in Dwarven items.
The plug-in provides you with a hallway of magical doors that lead to most of the Dwemer ruins + summoning abilities. There are also a few new Dwarven items, plus one which featured in my Mysterious Floating Island mod. (Which you don’t need to get 1st.)

(You will need Tribunal installed for this plug-in. Bloodmoon isn’t required.)

• Top Left: The amulet in its final form.
• Top Right: A strange cave. (Keep your eyes peeled for something up high too.)
• Middle Left: Where might this be?
• Middle Right: This is where Telekinesis spells come in. :D
• Bottom Left: The water lock chamber of Angkngdumz. You must lower and raise the water to get through the appropriate doors.
• Bottom Right: More mysterious doors. ;-)
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Just perfect! Love every detail. It's like the item came to "life". Bethesda should definitely hire you, you're a great artist Clap