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Discoveries And Adventures (The Actual Plug-In)



Discoveries And Adventures.

Welcome to the new Adventurers’ Guild! With locations in Pelagiad, Gnisis, Mournhold and Tel Aruhn! For the folks who want something interesting to do and get paid as well. Take on 10 new quests at each location, and report 18 discoveries for money as well. Sink a pirate ship and then raid it from underwater, blow up rocks under Mournhold, float through the breeze in a balloon, take out an infestation of Daedra in Vivec, set up a banquet, go to a Daedra worshipper’s own realm, settle the conflict of ownership for a tower, assist an Orc who likes to be naked, find the way into a Dwemer ruin with unique loot, travel across Vvardenfell with a companion to find hidden items, find who’s been nailing hearts to posts in Mournhold, organise a battle between a High Ordinator & Royal Guard, and kill a few nutters in the process. ;-)

The initial inspiration behind this mod, were the discoveries in Skies Of Arcadia. I wanted to implement a guild, like the Sailors Guild, where you could report something neat for money. I chose a bunch of places and things in the game already, that seemed like good discoveries to make, plus I added a few new ones. I thought that wouldn’t be enough, and so I wanted to add in more adventures, but that had a bit more substance than just “kill this guy” and “come back with some bowl.” Although there are a few delivery type quests. Plus at least a couple where you’ll have to use your brain, rather than just reading what to do. Although I usually make it pretty obvious. Although some things will be hard to find.

I recommend the plug-in for anyone who has no other plug-ins for Morrowind, or very few, as this one may present some conflicts, due to the multiple areas it affects. Although I tried to keep this to a minimum, and aimed for places that weren’t used all that much by other mods. For instance, there is nothing at all changed in the outer part of Balmora, except for about one new NPC. I can never assure that this won’t conflict with other mods, because that would be impossible to tell! There are too many out there. But it is compatible with all of my own ones that are available. It very nearly conflicted with my Sunken Pirate Base one, but I fixed it.

You should be an accomplished player in the game. Like level 25 +, I would say. Some of the tasks would be tough for new characters, and there are traps and other situations you may need certain skills to get passed. The ability to levitate, enable a Chameleon effect and breathe underwater are all beneficial. If walking up to a Daedric ruin makes you pee your pants, forget about it. :D Keep your soul gems and Soul Trap spells handy too, especially if you like to collect uniquely named creatures.

There are also several new ingredients, most of which can be more useful with my other ingredients plug-ins, such as my Indoor Garden one, and the gems ones I did.

I recommend playing a bit from each guild as you go. That way things might get easier at other guilds. ;-) Anyhoo, I hope you like this plug-in; even if you just download it to try it, rather than keeping it permanently. I wanted this one to be my best Morrowind mod ever. Plus I think I’ll have a break from making these for a while too, and actually play the game! I’ve spent over 6 months on this mod, and haven’t really played the game properly in even more time than that.

If you happen to find any glitches (— heaven forbid after all the bug corrections, and spelling fix ups I did —) please let me know here at DA, or at my e-mail address, which is in the “Read Me” file. Rest assured, I have gone through everything, made notes, corrected mistakes, and re-checked it for problems.

The Pictures:
1. A fancy shrine
2. Strange rings and strange things
3. A shrine to the Tribunal
4. Some kind of fortified structure in a land of sand. ;-)
5. Kandnchend
6. More sandy area
7. Pinnacle Tower
8. A balloon ride in Pelagiad
9. Nothing like a bowl on your head
10. Cramped living quarters at Kandnchend
11. A snow man!
12. An elegant banquet
13. A new sword
14. Fort Azura-Watch
15. A sacred tomb.
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Dude, when I started talking to the Pelagiad office about adventurer discoveries it was an amazing new thing. I forgot about it being in there - when my level 3 guy got to the office and they were offering gold for discoveries I was like - yes. this exactly, I'm going to do ALL of these discovery quests while I get in character with my new playthrough.

Right now I have an error where I took on ALL of the discovery quests - but they don't let me turn them in.

So far I have completed the Mud crab merchant discovery - but they won't give credit for it or complete the quest.

Same story with the two types of Golden Kanet flower.

any thoughts?

Thanks ! this is a great idea.