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Bubblers Of Morrowind (A Morrowind Plug-In)



Add a little bit of practical decoration to your Morrowind playing with my 8 new bubblers / drinking fountains. Each one will give your Fatigue a boost by 90 points, as you watch the water flow on up, for a satisfying drink. ;-)
Every location can be seen in the preview picture.
1. Balmora
2. Ald’ruhn
3. Ebonheart (Near Six Fishes.)
4. Mournhold (At the Royal Palace Courtyard.)
5. Sadrith Mora (Near the Tel Naga entrance.)
6. Vivec: Foreign Quarter
7. Vivec: Temple
8. Vivec: Arena
In theory, companions within range may get the top-up too, because the spell radius is 1 foot wide, even though it’s cast on the player.

:iconvalasedai: said I should have them styled for each location, so I took note of that, and :iconericthered1090: reminded me that you could find examples of water features being used in Vivec, plus the aquaducts of Old Mournhold. Then again, the Plaza Brindisi Dorom has fountains.
(As usual, this has to go under Application Resources, because DeviantArt doesn’t have a game mod section. ;P)
So, check it out, if you like. :-) Use the download button to the right to get it. The Read Me file will tell you more information.
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Dayum, you really outdid yourself!! All of them look amazing, I absolutely love how you adapted them to the environments! I was just wondering, the one in Balmora, does it have blue tiles around it or is that a little pool of water?